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Mission of Honor by David Weber
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Feb 06, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from February 02 to 03, 2010

Baen published an e-arc of Mission of Honor on 2/2 and I bought it that evening and stayed until 4 am to finish it and then I reread it the next day and I have to say that Mission of Honor was the book I wanted to a large extent and together with Storm from the Shadows to which it's a completion and the side-novel Torch of Freedom which is also essential here, it represents the hinge of the Honorverse in the way At All Costs represented the end of its first part.

Very well plotted and flowing superbly with lots of emotional moments, the one small disappointment I had (besides that it ended of course) was that it was relatively predictable; there were lots of small touches (the midnight "visits", some names which got me anywhere from chuckling to laughing hard), then we get find out the hinted secrets of the "spider" drive, "ghost" ships and who died in and who survived Oyster Bay, but there was nothing new in the big picture that would made me gasp in wonder; that essential unpredictability, the twists and turns which are one of David Weber's main trademarks were missing here so overall MoH is an A+ (only) but the next book should be a cracker since now we are really in "uncharted territory" for the Honorverse

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message 1: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Its interesting to me more that you still feel its worth it to read the Honor books. I stopped.

message 2: by Liviu (last edited Feb 08, 2010 05:52AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liviu I am a big time Weber fan (read all his work by and large) and I have read HH since 1994 and these novels still entertain and move me, but one thing to be considered is that even in this novel which is a mainline one and with Honor in title, that HH herself appears maybe 10-15% of the pages, maybe less - I would say that almost everyone surviving of the main characters appears outside of the Torch/Maya system ones who just had a book of which half was only with them - including the current favorite main villains (Aldona and Albrecht with great scenes) - more favorite characters die (Oyster Bay is as devastating short term as we are led to believe), more interesting characters with great potential are introduced, but overall I felt that President Pritchart has the best part here, with the Talbot group (Mike, Overstgeen, Aivar...) next and of course the bumbling Solarian leaders next...

The canvas is huge now and I am really, really curious to see what's next

message 3: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey I havent stopped reading weber as I do like his new series, just did nt follow the HH series after a while.

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