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A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R.W. Day
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Feb 01, 10

This book seemed interesting, but proved to be a little disappointing.

The Ice came and turned the world into a frozen desert. David is a farmer's son, lives in a small town and is a hunter. He meets Callan, the new doctor in town, and from the first moment feels drawn to him although he doesn't really know why.

When I started reading it, I thought the narrator was a seven year old boy, by the way he talked. It turned out he was seventeen. David as a character seemed a little slow, that is to say, a little on the dumb side. It's definitely not the type of a character I like reading about.

There were constant grammar mistakes due to David's way of talking, but I think it could've been done much better than just replace "were" with "was" to make him seem like a hick or something.

I like Callan, however, he was a very bright, well-developed character. I just have no idea why he'd waste time with someone like David, really. Although they weren't very far apart in age, they were miles away mentally. David seemed more like a fourteen year old, while Callan had the experience and knowledge of someone around thirty. It seemed therefor strange they would be together because I didn't get the impression that they were at all on the same wavelength. They seemed to be in very different stages of their lives.

I like the idea of the post-apocalyptic world, but I didn't like the fact that in this book the world seemed to revert into something from 18'th century, by which I mean the way of life and the beliefs of the people. I just don't see this happening, it's like the human race would all of a sudden go back to being cavemen should some disaster occur. I didn't find it plausible.


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