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Jan 30, 2010

it was amazing
Read in March, 2011 , read count: 2

10+ stars!

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! 2011 re-read!!! Sooooooo excited!!!

Some things are destined to be - it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.

O.M.G....seriously, there just truly are not enough proper words for me to describe this book. It is my absolute all-time favorite book, EVER, and it features my all-time favorite hero, John Matthew!

There are just so many wonderful things that this book encompasses, and if I tried to talk about all of them, my review could be as long as the book itself.

Just know that I love, love, LOVE that my boy is all grown up, he is a warrior, he is a fighter, he feels that draw that is Darius within his veins, and his circle was closed when he mated his female. It all came full circle for him, and for that, I am so very happy. He is SUCH a male of worth...he is kind, caring, loyal, strong, fierce, and just the most amazing, loving male there is. Hands.Down. I look forward to re-reading this book many, many times.
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Quotes Leigh Liked

J.R. Ward
“Say the word. Say the word and I won't go.

Say the word, Qhuinn. Do it and I'll spend the night with you.

Better yet, why don't you just kiss me-”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

J.R. Ward
“No, you've got it all wrong, John." Reading his emotions, she shook her head. "You're not half the male you could be because of what was done to you. You're twice what anyone else is because you survived.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

J.R. Ward
“In the silence, she felt the past and the present shift and mix, but that was a mirage. There was no way to comfort the lost boy he'd been back then.
But she had the grown male.
She had him right in her arms, and for a brief moment of whimsy, she imagined that she was never, ever going to let him go.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

J.R. Ward
“I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

J.R. Ward
“As Qhuinn looked at his best friend's handsome face, he felt as if he'd never not known that red hair, those blue eyes, those lips, that jaw. And it was because of their long history that he searched for something to say, something that would get them back to where they had been. All that came to him was . . . I miss you. I miss you so fucking bad it hurts, but I don't know how to find you even though you're right in front of me.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

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03/12/2011 page 1
0.0% "DEDICATED TO YOU: I cannot believe you and I have come so far. Your book is not goodbye, however - just another beginning. But you're used to that..." 2 comments
03/13/2011 "23%. "John.". He paused and looked over his shoulder toward the bed. "I love you.". *sniff sniff*" 4 comments
37.0% "As his words took form on the white page, she got to watch him...and relaized she never wanted him to go. She wanted him here beside her forever. Safe. She was truly safe with him around." 1 comment
03/15/2011 "47% - And then in a dead voice, he said, "Go. Enjoy yourself. Just be safe, please, and try not to fall in love with him. He'll break your heart.". *sniff sniff*" 11 comments
59.0% "When she was face-toface with him, she locked her eyes on his mouth. "Our minds are already together. I want the flesh to follow."" 5 comments
03/16/2011 "59% - "No, you've got it all wrong, John." Reading his emotions, she shook her head. "You're not half the male you could be because of what was done to you. You're twice what anyone else is because you survived."" 1 comment
03/16/2011 "59% - You are so beautiful, he mouthed. But of course she couldn't see his lips. Guess he was going to have to show her. ~~~SIGH~~~ so much yummy goodness at 59%!!" 1 comment
03/17/2011 "60% - When she orgasmed, she said his name. Twice. And didn't it make him glad that even though he had no voice, his ears worked just fine."
03/17/2011 "60% - Jesus Christ, John knew what he was doing. ***THUD***" 1 comment
69.0% "After it's over, we go our separate ways. We're done ***sniff, sniff***" 12 comments
70.0% ""You did me right when it mattered. I return the favor. Always. That being said, you compromise my happy home in any way, I'll slice off your balls and feed them to you." I love Wrath, Qhuinn thought. ****LOL! I'm right there w/ ya, Q!****" 1 comment
03/19/2011 "80% - God, wasn't that just like the son of a bitch. Doing the wrong thing for the perfect reason...."I love you," Blay whispered so quietly that the sound of the rushing water drowned out the words. ~~sigh~~"
03/19/2011 "86% - The two of them embraced, chest-to-chest. And when they pulled apart, John waited for Tohr to throw on a shirt, get his leather jacket, and grab his weapons. Then they went downstairs side by side. As if they had never been apart. As if it was as it always had been."
03/19/2011 "86% - All that came to him was...I miss you. I miss you so fucking bad it hurts, but I don't know how to find you even though you're right in front of me." 2 comments
03/19/2011 "91% - L.O.V.E.U.E.V.E.R. ***tears***" 5 comments
03/19/2011 "93% - Yes, he mouthed. I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine." 4 comments
03/19/2011 "98% - When John pulled back, he stared straight into those eyes. He is here, he signed. My father is right here with me." 1 comment
03/19/2011 "100% - Eventually, everything that came to pass was exactly how it was meant to be." 2 comments

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Pamela / SpazP ************SPOILER**********

Heyyy, you ladies are RIGHT! I was so caught up that I didn't even NOTICE that Rehv was uncharacteristically missing from the Ceremony day! I guess it's mostly chalked up to having too many moving people in and out, maybe.
AND CAN YOU BELIEVE how the Ghost story played in to being Muhrder!?! That had me totally stumped!!! LOVES it!
I was just on the message boards, and people are speculating that Tohr will have an HEA w/No'One after that circle came back around. I think it stands to reason, evidently the Warden has confirmed there will be an HEA for Tohr. Wow.
The entire Darius/Tohr/JM/No'One/Xhex circle... just... WOW.

Pamela / SpazP ********SPOILER********
And can I also just say... Poooor Layyyla, my heart was so hurtin for her too. Bless her little heart. I hope she gets an HEA toooooooo.


So many good stories in this one book!!!

Leigh **********************SPOILER*************************

definitely liked the intro to Muhrder...that's one helluva name, huh??? seems like a pretty good male of worth, though, putting Gregg and Holly together. i'm really interested to see this one play out, esp. once he comes back into the fold of the Brotherhood and seeing that Xhex is mated to JM.

and yea...it definitely seems like Tohr and No'One will be each other's HEA. yes, that is one heck of a circle, too, like you said Pamela. do you guys think that JM will ever discover that he is Darius reincarnated? or do you think that will always stay hidden? i was really hoping that that would be revealed in LM, but maybe it will continue to play out and come to fruition in Tohr's book.

re: Layla...yes, i definitely feel sorry for her, but at the same time, she really shouldn't be putting so many eggs in one basket. also, i thought that the WARDen had said that he would lose her virginity in this book, but she and Qhuinn never went all the way, right? or did i miss that insinuation?

Pamela / SpazP ********************SPOILER**********************

When Xhex saw the TV show and ID'd him as Muhrder, that was an OMG!!!!! moment. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in seeing what the heck she does with him now that he's returned to the overall "story"! Gah, that entire deal with him and Xhex was trageddyyy, he went Fruit Loops after that and told her he never wanted to see her again, I can only imagine what he found when he went to rescue her from that camp.

I am not sure if JM will ever discover about himself and Darius. I was under the impression that the seizures happen to keep him from getting too close to identifying his past life, and I believe that at the end of Lover Mine the SV specifically tells him that he can never know his former self, something along those lines. That being said, he still managed to have a flashback in the alley when Lash had Xhex and Tohr once again shot the bad guy.

I worry that if he did discover that in his past life he was Darius, it would kinda take away from who he has become now, and the big theme of the book was moving forward. So, it seems to me that we probably are not going to get a "JM learns he used to be Darius" scene since it didn't seem to happen in Lover Mine, but again, anyyything goes with these books!

Yeaaah the pre-teen in me was cringing for Layla, she was just SO naive, uuuugh! They did NOT go all the way, you are correct, she is still technically a virgin, he just showed her all the other things ;)

JM holding Lash down so Xhex could take her revenge with the Kill Blow... Amazing.

Stacey Hooooly Shizmit y'all have been busy! lol Lets me see if I can get caught up.

I am all on board with the Tohr/No'One HEA. As soon as it was revealed that No'One was the female he and Darius saved, the dream Tohr has of Wellsie, posted on the boards, came to mind. Wellsie said he had a circle to complete...so No'One makes total sense to me. And that female deserves some true happiness by now. I also wonder...is No'One her real name or the name she took on when the SV let her enter the Sanctuary?

Yes, Layla...I think, more than she wants to put her trainning to use, she just want's to be loved. I just hope Qhuinn does right by her and has a heart to heart sooner rather than later.

Murhder...don't know what to think of about him yet, really need to re-read those parts. When I realized it was a set-up for a future book, I admit I raced through those parts rather quickly knowing that I could go back later. The BAM! Xhex recognizing him and once again decides not to say anything!!! Female, didn't you learn your lesson with Lash?!?!? She saw him after he was supposed to be dead and didn't bother saying anything because she assumed people knew! And now a missing Brother is showing up on national television and she's not going to say anything. I'm going to chalk that up to weddng gitters, but she better say something at some point and before Wrath finds out!! lol

JM/Darius...I'm of the opinion that I don't want him to find out. He's happy...content...in love..let's not mess with that.

Speaking of Darius...his backstory...yeah, total male of great worth...I cried when he asked if he could name the baby.

Oh and one last thought...Xhex...she's soooo girly and she hates, but it's about time she embraced her girly side!!! And I love her for it :)

Pamela / SpazP ***********SPOILERS*************

About Tohr/No'One, I agree, it almost makes perfect sense that it would come full circle between her and Tohr, and I believe that something has been referenced to his HEA "coming full circle" on the yahoo boards, and message boards tho his specific HEA has not been confirmed. I have a strong suspicion that the SV named her No'One when she entered the Sanctuary. Did we ever learn her name prior to dying? I don't think she was EVER referred to by name by anyone!

Yes, about Layla, exactly. Her desperation to be loved was what really got me. It was SO sad to watch, bless her little heart! I bet you that Qhuinn does her right, it seems that was established that he respected her enough to do that for her and to "teach" her but not to cross that final line. Maybe she'll hook up with Trez or I'Am :P

About the Rathboone story that lead up to Muhrder's revelation... I am there with you. Every time it would cut to that story I would get so frustrated, and had to talk myself through reading it because I knew it would be important somehow but it was such a painful trick of her to do that to us! And then BOOM! we finally learn who the hell he is! I didn't see it coming. AND, you are so right about Xhex fudging up and not saying anything about Muhrder to anyone!!!! She was all, "oh well, he said he didn't want to see me, and he had my address but never came to visit, time to get married!" LOL

I will tell you that the scene that really choked me up was when Tohr went back to his house for the first time since W's death and boarded up the broken glass door himself. That was suuuuuuuuch a poetic and beautiful scene. GAH!

Now we just have to wait a YEAR to find out what Manny's got to offer Payne... HMMMMMM :D

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ yea i finished!!!! ITA w/u guys about all this stuff....i had heard that Tohr's HEA would be w/No'One...it does make sense after this book!!


i was really sad that there wasnt more to Blay/Qhuinn...i really wanted a little something to tie up the loose ends. Do u think he had sex w/Saxton? I just have a hard time believing he would....idk. :(

Stacey Everything about Tohr choked me up! I'm so glad I got to learn more about him and see why he was sooooo respective to taking JM in when he was found. I knew there was a reason I like him so much!!!

Yes, I do believe Blay had sex with Saxton. He reached the end of the rope with Qhuinn and needed to move forward...which as it turns out was the moral of this book...and IMHO I don't think we'll see a novel for Blay and Qhuinn, I think their relationship will right itself and blossom through other books. Not that I don't want to see them have their own book, I just don't see it at this point.

Oh and Manny! Can't believe we have to wait a freakin' year to see how Jane explains herself AND gets him to the mansion to help Payne. That cliffhanger just may be the death of me this year! LOL!!!

Leigh AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH...i want to keep talking, talking, talking about LM but i have to work (waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!). i'll be back soon, girls! good stuff!!!! lol!!! :P

Pamela / SpazP I have to say that I was really anxious and anticipating an actual "scene" w/Saxton and Blay, just reading and waiting to see how they were going to "come together" had me on pins and needles... I think how she addressed Blay losing his virginity worked REALLY well, knowing that is happened from Q's POV. And when Qhuinn states that he didn't remember him losing his own virginity, but that he'd remember Blay losing his forever (paraphrasing) - knife through the heart! But Blay truly deserved to be treated the way Saxton was adoring him. Oh man, that SAXTON! I loved him.

JR Ward talks a little bit about Qhuinn and Blay's future book here http://bit.ly/91kr6X
Not really details..but still u should read! She hopes for a lengthy novella for them!

The way they "parted" after the balistrade (spelling) scene, I was not expecting that. At all. I wanted more so badly, I am mostly excited for the next book just to get more of THEM.

Thank you Ladies for discussing this with me! I've been on the BDB Message Boards but there is a LOT of content and it just keeps growing and it's hard to have a real conversation. And apparently the Lover Mine discussion boards on here at Goodreads is a lot of ranting which I hate. So, thank you Ladies!

Leigh ranting?????? WHAT???????? how could anyone rant about this book???!!!!????? i swear, it was the best frickin' book i've ever read. everytime i take a moment to think about it, i begin to tear up...no joke. it was THAT good!!! alright...back to work...i'll be back soon!! lol!

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ LOL Leigh!!

Pamela....i agree about Blay/Qhuinn...loved that part about virginity.

Stacey Pamela, ITA, y'all are a great bunch to discuss and speculate and drool and get weepy with over this oh-so-fabulous book!!! You'll get no ranting from me, and I don't want to hear/read it either. :)

But, once again, I find myself in the minority. Not in love with Saxton. Don't get me wrong, I love how he treated Blay, he is what Blay needed for his first time. And it broke my heart when he was beat up. But prissy to well mannered men just get on my nerves. Give me Rhage and/or Tohr any day!!! LOL Please don't shun me! I just had to get it out there. :)

If Qhuinn and Blay can't have their own novel, I think a novella is the next best thing. Would rather see that than have their story spread-out through anothers.

Agree about the BDB message board as well. That's why I went early before too many topics and speculation appeared.

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ ok i finally realized what's been bugging me about Qhuinn/Blay. Blay "knows" that any sex Qhuinn has is a casual, one time thing...where he doesnt even remember their names....Blay on the other hand does not do "casual". His relationship will not be casual w/Saxton....i think thats why i couldnt accept that he had had sex w/Saxton. I think too that's why it upset Qhuinn so much!!

Shannon C. *spoilers*
S.Young wrote: "ok i finally realized what's been bugging me about Qhuinn/Blay. Blay "knows" that any sex Qhuinn has is a casual, one time thing...where he doesnt even remember their names....Blay on the other han..."

I totally agree with you! That was soooo sad on the balcony afterwards when Qhuinn told Blay to take care.

And how surprising when Qhuinn started throwing off the mating scent earlier when Blay was getting ready for his date. I had no idea Qhuinn felt that way for him also, and he was trying to protect him by not being w/him.

I loved the Blay/Qhuinn storyline and would have liked more of it. I also liked Saxon--great quirky, fun character. I hope all three find a happiness.

Payne and Manny---yes, that makes sense! I don't recall hearing that before. I had been wondering who Payne would be paired up with. That makes sense, since he'll be operating on her back and with her a lot.

And I totally agree NoOne and Tohr will be a setup. I love Tohr. He had a great role in this book.

Leigh Pamela wrote: "********************SPOILER**********************

When Xhex saw the TV show and ID'd him as Muhrder, that was an OMG!!!!! moment. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in seeing what the heck she does w..."

Pamela - i know....i am really looking forward to how the whole Murhder story will play out, and i hope that we'll definitely get to see more of JM and Xhex as a result! i did love Xhex's reaction to seeing him on the TV, though. at first she was just shocked, but then she knew that JM was it for her...no more looking back. LOVED that.

good point about JM/Darius reincarnation being revealed. i know that JM is not supposed to figure it out based on the SV's rules, but w/ all of JM's flashbacks, seizures, feelings likes he's done certain things before, etc., it seemed like the discovery was being set up. however, i believe i have read that Ward has stated that JM may never find out. you also made a great point about the discovery possibly taking away from who JM has become. i definitely would not want that to happen.

re: Layla and Qhuinn...i'm so glad that she is still a virgin. i was definitely cringing though, thinking that as soon as Qhuinn discovered Blay had lost his virginity that he would go straight to Layla...you know, w/ the mentality of what does he have to lose now?? of course, this could very well happen in the next book, but i really hope that we'll see Qhuay begin to work towards things soon. i'm not sure how much more heartache i can take when it comes to those males. Qhuinn's reflections after discovering Blay & Saxton, followed by the balcony scene were definitely a tear-jerker for me. my heart just broke in two for them...Qhuinn especially. :(

Leigh Stacey wrote: "Hooooly Shizmit y'all have been busy! lol Lets me see if I can get caught up.

I am all on board with the Tohr/No'One HEA. As soon as it was revealed that No'One was the female he and Darius sa..."

Stacey - you and Pamela definitely both made a great point about the Wellsie dream and Tohr completing the circle....i hadn't thought about that while i read LM. i thought that No'One would become Tohr's HEA, but when you brought up the "completing the circle", that just makes so much more sense. yes, No'One deserves happiness, too. my heart still bleeds for Tohr and his loss, but i know Ward will write his story just as beautifully as she has all the others, so it will all be right in the end.

good point about Layla, too, Stacey...that she just wants to be loved. yes, and sadly, she is very desparate. i really can't blame her, but her naivity(sp?) got on my nerves. everyone deserves happiness, but i don't want her w/ Qhuinn. there has been some chatter and speculation that maybe Qhuay's HEA will be unconventional..i.e., that Layla would be a part of it. i hope to goodness that THAT does not happen. i want Qhuay together ALONE. they can use a Chosen to feed from like Rhage & V.

yes, ITA w/ you about Darius being such a male of worth...that scene where he requested to name Xhex was beautiful...*sniff, sniff*. :)

LOL about Xhex and her girly side...i think it was hysterical that she cut her hair and was going to get mated in her muscle shirt and leathers, but i was sooooo glad (and crying like a baby!) when Tohr got the dress and gave it to her to wear. that was absolutely beautiful and so touching! and then, of course, JM's reaction to finding out she was going to wear a gown...hysterical!! and then, of course, his reaction to seeing her for the first time at the ceremony...just AMAZING!!

Leigh damn...i want to keep talking about this...Sharon and Shannon...you both make some excellent points about Qhuay. i have to run off for the day...but i'll be back!!! lol!!!

Pamela / SpazP Oh Ladies, I agree with you ALL about Blay and Qhuinn getting their own HEA. Blay DESERVES to be cherished alone, not part of a triad. That would piss me off so bad! Just say NO to Qhuayla, Warden, please!!

I never really felt like I got to know Tohr very much in the previous books, and now I see why he is a favorite Brother. Wow, I am soo endeared to him. And the symbolic act of him boarding up the "hole" in his house AKA the hole in his heart. Damn that had me cryyyying. Did someone else mention that they had no idea what an LV trunk was?? I was like wtf? I was so happy that she finally said Louis Vuitton later on, enough with the Brands, JR! But I get that it serves to describe their social status that sadly I do not share ;)

RE Layla, that's the thing about watching a naive character go through all the motions of angst, you want to smack em and tell them what's up! :P Especially since I had the impression she was this sexpot, only to find out she is a virginal naive girl, really. When she eventually does get down with someone she's gonna go wild, that one ;) I am hoping maybe she'll hook up with Trez or IAm, I betcha they'd treat her right.

I love speculating!

Wasn't Xhex SO CUTE when they were at the farm house where there was that huge lesser initiation and the Honda Civic drove by and Hollywood made some funny comment and they heard this noise from behind and it was Xhex giggling about his comment? I LOVED THAT. She was all, "what you think I don't laugh?" Sigh.

And lastly, Saxton. Man I hope something bad does not happen to him since it seems as though he'll be removed from the Qhuay equation... What a sweet charmer that one. And he seemed to be going after Blay even though he could TELL Blay was in love with another (Qhuinn). I hope he doesn't get his heart broken, either.

NO broken hearts! I can't take any more!! :D

Thanks for keeping the chat alive, it's been such a great opportunity to discuss this book with you ladies!!

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ Hey guys....i just went over to "The Forum" to see if i could find any accurate info....the only thing i heard for sure is no to Layla/Lassiter. Im still hoping for her and one of the shadows or Murhder. idk how i feel about the whole threesome....i could see how it would make sense and be good for Qhuinn but idt Blay would like it.

ita w/u Pamela about Saxton....he has become very interesting....maybe there will be someone else for him? seems like she wouldnt make him such a vital character and then just let him go.

Tohr isnt it great? I love how that came full circle. I was wondering...is that the significance of the apple trees? esp the one on the floor of the mansion? I know apples play a big part in their ceremonies but i cant remember why or if they said? <>

yes..pamela this has been great talking about it...tks everyone!!

Stacey *snort* Qhuayla! LMAO! And I agree, no threesome matings please. I don't think the SV would think that's a "good mating"! lol

I've been racking my brain as to who Layla could possibly end up with coming up with nothing other than a new future character. Totally forgot about the hot Shadows!!! Although, ever since Trez said Selena and Cormia were tight or strong or something like that in Rehv's book I thought maybe he'd end up with Selena.

Xhex and I have something in common, we both think "piece of meat" Rhage is hilarious!! I loved that scene as well. OMG, and Rhage and V had to get into the knitting agrument again! CLASSIC!!

Saxton...Don't forget Qhuinn told Blay he was a bit of player. So I was not surprised he pursued Blay even though he knew Blay was into Qhuinn. I don't want anything to happen to Saxton either...but I don't want him playing games with Blay. And Blay and Qhuinn need to hurry up and get their sh*t together!!!

Tracy Hi Ladies,

Mind if I join the convo? As Pamela mentioned, so many comments on some of the discussions have been relatively negative, I'm so happy to find a group that just wants to gush, speculate and ask questions. So I've tried to read all of your comments to catch up, but forgive me if I duplicate past questions/convos.

First and foremost, I LOVED this book. I mean it had me all over the place emotionally. I think it just became my favorite BDB book, but I'm going to reread the whole series just to make sure. Oh the sacrifices I make...

I am definitely on team Qhuay and saying no to Qhuayla. :) While there were times when I wanted to slap Qhuinn upside his head or maybe yank on one of his piercings, I feel for him. He's so confused and just can't let go of past. After spending...what 25 of 27 years of your life trying to fit in, I can see why he is hesitating. He'll get there. I just fear that the journey will prompt me to buy kleenex from Costco.

Also, on the balcony scene...I almost fell out of my chair when Qhuinn told Blay to take care, Qhuinn's universal blow off language. However, I'm comforting myself in that Qhuinn used to say "take care" when he was blowing someone off (pg 32), but with Blay he said "You take care of yourself" (pg 445). Detailed? Yes, but my heart just can't handle Qhuinn hurting Blay more and totally blowing him off.

As for Saxton, I agree that he was uber prissy/upity in LM. I don't recall him being like that in Lover Avenged. Anyone remember?

I also got a little frustrated with Layla. I know she feels unloved, under-utilized and all that, but when she did her Sound-of-Music-I'm-so-happy after her and Qhuinn hooked up, I was like "pump your breaks, girlfriend". Aren't Phury and Cormia supposed to be helping the Chosen transition to the other side. She may need a little girl to girl talk. :)

Random Thoughts
Was anyone else surprised that Rehv moved into the compound? I know Elehna works w/ Doc Jane and so that kinda makes sense, but it just took me by surprise. I guess that's how they're becoming one big happy family, including Rhev (and now Xhex) in on Brotherhood stuff.

Qhuinn's Brother. Helllllllo! He's in deep freeze? Where? I have a feeling this is going to come out and impact how Qhuinn sees himself and his sexuality.

message 73: by Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ (last edited May 01, 2010 03:14PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ ***************spoilers**************************


Saxton was very professional in LAv....he brought that sealed letter to the meeting at Sal's and Wrath and everyone was very impressed w/him. Also, he handled everything very well w/Ehlena...he was very nice and understanding. So it is alittle weird to see him in LM being flirty and what not but it seems like he really likes Blay...idk.

yea i forgot about Qhuinn's brother...i wonder what's gonna happen because wasnt it Lash that had him in deep freeze somewhere. Maybe that wont be the last of Lash?? I thought he made the lessers much better but it was strange how the Omega treated him...what was up w/that? and then his weird body falling off and such? It also seemed like he got killed really easy!

message 74: by Kim (last edited May 01, 2010 03:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook Wow you guys are busy!!

I thought I would throw in a few things:
Do you REALLY think Lash is gone? It just seems like he's going to comeback somehow, IDK.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Xhex and John together! I think they are the best couple EVER!!!

I was a little frustrated at the whole Gregg and Holly story but I had a feeling early on that this was going to be Murdher. Who else could it have been? Maybe him and Layla will get together? That was my thought reading it. I think they may come together because they both had (or will have in Layla's case I'm thinking) been heartbroken.

Right when Tohr said in the flashback about hoping the Scribe Virgin would accept Xhex's mom in to the Fade I knew she had to be No'One. I feel really bad for her. I was surprised she approached Xhex before her mating ceremony. I thought for sure that wouldn't come out until the next book. I was glad the WARDen didn't wait on that one.
I have to say, I really wish they had more Butch in this one. I Love love love him!!! I loved when Lash realized exactly what Butch could do to him and was saying he needed to stay away from him. I was like "Hell yeah you do!!!"

Anyway, just my two cents....not that its worth that. :)

Tracy S.Young wrote: "***************spoilers**************************


Saxton was very professional in LAv....he brought that sealed letter to the meeting at Sal's and Wrath and everyone was very impres..."

******************more spoilers*********************

I do think Lash went down a little to easily and we haven't seen the last of him. At the least, I hope not as he did make a great villan (read: I wanted to bash his head in). I didn't quite understand why the Omega flipped out over Lash wanting a girl. His request was based on a need to feed, not get laid.

And, yes, that whole transformation was just weird. I wasn't clear on whether he was becoming more Omega-like or this all new shadow-being. If it is the latter, that may bring up more opportunities to bring I'am and Trez into the scene. Love those boys!!

message 76: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook Remember in Rehv's story when they were back at Adirondack Great Camp after Rehv saw the mistress and Trez was reading a book called The Shadow Death Lexicon and when Rehv asked why he was reading that and Trez was reply was "I'm just getting ready, s'all" (LAv pg 139). I have always wondered what that meant. Maybe it has something to do with that? IDK, just speculating.....

Stacey Hi Tracy, welcome!! The more the merrier :) Yes, I was kind of surprised Rehv moved into the mansion, but I was more surprised at his lack of inclusion within this story. But maybe that is because he Glymera still thinks he's dead? I don't know what to think, honestly. There was really no follow-up at all regarding his story.

Qhuinn's brother, talk about glossed over! Oh by-the-way Qhuinn's brother is still alive, aaaaaand we're moving on lol! And why do I picture him in some sub-zero freezer in some abandoned warehouse?! ;) But if Lash put him in a deep sleep, would that spell break once Lash as dead? Sort of how the Xhex spell weakened as Lash weakened? And is Lash dead? IMO Yes. Can he come back? IMO Yes. He was sent back to the Omega like all the others and I have a feeling if the Omega wants him back he'll be back. I also think the Omega has a major problem with females because the SV has her Chosen, she has her females, he has his males. I'm sure there is a hell of a lot more to it than that, but that's my initial thought.

Stacey Hi Kim! Even though I knew the Greg/Holly storyline was a set-up for a future story it was a bit distracting...until the end that is when it sort of came together. I totally skimmed through those parts and am trying to give them better attention during my re-read. Makes me wonder though if Muhrder is as crazy as Xhex thinks he is.

message 79: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook Hi Stacey *waves and smiles*, Fancy meeting you here :)
I don't think he is OR maybe he was but righted himself (if that makes sense). I have to say from what little we know about him, I kinda like him. I think he will make for a good story.

On another note, so Darius was the last of the old timers? Do we know what happened to the a$$hole Hharm? Just wondering...

Stacey I just assumed Hharm was dead...hope he is anyway...what a bastard!

And I'm such a dunce...when I read V's book, I thought that cave as a cave full of Brothers. Yes, even though it was a called a warriors cave, I just made a stupid assumption and thought all the Brothers back then were sadistic. It went right over my head they were soldiers. Having read LM, the light bulb not only finally came on but broke when I smacked my forehead.

Speaking of dead dads...so Payne killed her daddy...interesting. Wonder how that came about?! And I guess that was the reason she was in stasis?

message 81: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook I'm thinking she killed him because maybe she thought he killed V? I don't know, thats kind of what I thought when she thought V was dead. How sad he didn't know he had a sister. I loved the scene when they met in the medical room. Pretty cool stuff. Oh, and I think Doc Jane totally rocks and is perfect for V!

Stacey Um, fluffy pink rob for JM...CLASSIC!!! Ehlena and Jane work together soooo well!!!

Oh and I also have to say when Layla was doing her sound of music routine and Payne commented that Layla had lost her mind...I seriously lol'd!!! Payne really surprised me, she has a great personality and can be pretty deep when she wants to be. And V...split second and he was in big brother mood. Lurve him!!!

message 83: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook I have to say I was really surprised when Xhex woke up with the hearts on her medical gown...I thought that was pretty damn funny!!! The pink robe was pretty funny too!! I agree...Doc Jane and Ehlena make a great team.

 ~V~ Hi girls!!
I finally finished and I LOVED IT!!! and I'm in total agreement with you all about EVERYTHING!! I have a few things that I'm confused about though..so I'm hoping you guys can help me out! First of all...what exactly are Trez and IAm!?...I know they're "shadows/moors"..but for the life of me..I cannot remember what exactly shadows/moors are...are they not vampires?..so confusing!
"next question"...isn't Manny human?...how is it that he is going to be able to be with Payne..since she's a vampire?..I didn't think that vamps. could mate with humans?...I couldn't remember if there was something diff. about him in V's book or not...I'm going to have to go back and check.
Ok...last question...**SPOILER**...
when they were all at the farmhouse to kill the new lessers and afterwards V was "healing" Butch...Xhex finally saw why V didn't like her.. this is how it was worded..."Oh, and Butch was apparently his. Which explained why V had it in for her. He was jel that she'd had a piece of what he'd wanted, and as rational as he was, he couldn't stop resenting her for it"...OK!?...what exactly did that mean!!?? I knew that V had always had a thing for Butch..or so it seemed..but I didn't ever think it was a gay thing..especially since he ended up mated to doc. Jane..I always thought that V just had really strong emotions for Butch..he'd never really cared or loved anyone before him..but I never really believed that he was gay...am I reading into that statement incorrectly?..it kind of just threw me for a loop!

Can I just say also...that I LOVE Lassiter!!!..He is hillarious!!! I re-read LA right before I read LM and I forgot how funny he is!..I can't wait to see who he ends up with! ..has anyone heard who's book is coming up after Payne and Manny's book?

Sharon ∞❥ is an angst book junkie ❥∞ M.Vander...u r soooo funny....

Ok...idt we have learned much about the shadows/moors....i dont remember anything about them being vamps just that they can become "shadows" and obviously out in the daytime.

Manny is human as far as we know...but ya know Rhage and Mary got together so it must be poss as long as SV is ok w/it. "Somewhere" I saw that it might be poss that Butch and Manny were related (poss same Dad?) and that Manny poss had some vampire blood in him like Butch but that's not in the book....just that when V went to get his xray...he felt "brother" at Manny....its gotta be brother as in brotherhood or vampirehood because it wouldnt work if Manny was his actual brother w/Payne being his sister!!

The whole V/Butch/Xhex thing....V didnt like that Xhex had had sex w/Butch. IDT that V is gay but definitely bi or that's what he was used to and yes, he wanted to be w/Butch but Butch didnt swing that way....LOL. You can reread it in V's book and they kinda talk about things.

Yes and Lassiter is great....i hope she does a book on him!! idk who's book is after Payne/Manny....i know she said there will be a book on Tohr. I ckd the forum today for answers but it is a mess....all i really found out that there will be NO Layla/Lassiter!

Shannon C. Hey Michelle,

I don't know exactly what iAm and Trez are but I remember them from ZeroSum. iAm did the books, Trez operations, Xhex security, and of course Rehv was boss. It'd be interesting to have their characters developed more in a future book.

About Manny...there was a hint in V/Doc Jane's book that we'd be seeing him again. He's human but there's something special about him. V sensed it in the office and then there was something in the part when Jane told him bye after she was a ghost.

V is bi...In V's book he and Butch talk and he confirmed he wanted to be w/Butch.

Is Lassiter also in her new series with angels? I haven't read those books yet. Heard mixed things about them.

I think I'm in the minority, but Layla gets on my nerves. Is it for sure she's getting a book as a lead character? Personally I hope not.

message 87: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Halbrook There was also the part in Rehvs book when Xhex was at the mourge IDing that girl and she ran into Manny. She made a comment about his smell but then thought whatever none of her bus. I think Manny is part vamp like Butch and they will have to change him too. Maybe he is Murdher's son? That's where they would get the blood to change Manny like they did with Wraths blood for Butch. Total speculation.

 ~V~ Thanks you guys!...the stuff you mentioned from past books is coming back to me now! :) I thought there might have been something diff. about Manny in V's book...and Kim...I completely forgot about that part in Rhev's book!

Shannon - You should totally read Covet...I really enjoyed that one! Nothing like the BDB..I just think that I really like how JR Ward tells a story...it's unique and very diff. from a lot of the PNRs out there right now. Trez is in that book..and the heroine in that book is Marie Therese...who was the head "working girl" in Rhev's bar (Zero Zum)...and no Lassiter is not in Covet....when I heard that she was writing a series about fallen angels..I was hoping that he would be...but so far...not. :)

UKSandy Hi all just reading all your comments on my touch whilst in bed what a great way to start a Sunday morning. I'm not sure if lash is dead either why didn't butch do his stuff on him? I'm also wondering what is going on with quinns cousin.

UKSandy Is there a new thread with quotes from Lover Mine as I can't find it?

Stacey Hi all!

Re: Trez and iAm - From what I've been able to gather from the BDB message board, they are a vampire hybrid that can go in the sunlight and one of the few species that are immune to sympathy powers. And in Rehv's book I believe it was Trez who said something about eating Sympaths and I didn't get the feeling he was joking. lol

Re: Manny - IMO V got the 'brother' feeling because in the future Manny is going to be his brother-in-law. Kim is right, Xhex did smell something unusual coming off of Manny. You got the sense the scent was vampire related, but at that point Xhex couldn't be bothered to wonder about it. IMO Manny is definitely the son of a vampire or vampire hybrid, but I don't think he's Butch's brother. BUT I could be totally wrong. :)

Layla - I can see how she'd get on peoples nerves at this point. She was cute in Phury's book "ssssooooorrrrrryyyyyyy!" lol!! But now we're seeing more of her need to break out of the Chosen world and experience everything all at once. She's like an 18 yo going off to college without adult supervision..so much freedom so little time and no boundaries! I agree, someone needs to say something to Phury and/or Cormia before she gets her heart broken. :(

Covet - needed to read it twice before I could really appreciated it, now I can't wait for the 2nd book!!! IIRC from the message boards, Lassiter will not be making appearances in the Angels books, but I'm sure that can change. I mean Jim was supposed to be in LM and he wasn't...just were he lives/lived which is the garage apartment to Bella's old house.

Lash - no Butch did not inhale Lash, Xhex stabbed him and he went *poof*

UKSandy I don't understand the end of Lash - I thought for the lessers to be finished off completely Butch need to inhale them??

Stacey If they are stabbed in the heart, they *poof* and go back to the Omega's body. I suppose if he Omega wants that lesser back and can reanimate him? You are right, the only way for a lesser to be completely gone from this world and the next is to have Butch do his magic.

I guess theorically(sp?) Lash can come back if the Omega so chooses. But there has to be some meaing in the transformation he was going through that I'm missing? Would he *poof* back to the Omega differently because he was in the middle of said transformation? I do believe that if he had completed the transformation Xhex would have been able to stab him in the heart.

On another note, I can't wait for delete scenes to appear on Wards website...I'm still craving more!!!

Tracy UKSandy wrote: "Is there a new thread with quotes from Lover Mine as I can't find it?"

I'm not sure if there is a thread, but you can check these out.


UKSandy Tracy wrote: "UKSandy wrote: "Is there a new thread with quotes from Lover Mine as I can't find it?"

I'm not sure if there is a thread, but you can check these out.


Tracy - many thanks.

message 96: by Pamela / SpazP (last edited May 02, 2010 10:12AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pamela / SpazP *waves at Tracy, Kim, M Vander, Shannon and UK Sandy*

Hi Ladies! We've taken over Leigh's review, thanks to Leigh for giving us this forum to discuss our love for Lover Mine!! :D

Sorry if I repeat some of the things some of you have already said/addressed, just agreeing with you.

******* SPOILERS************

Qhuinn's Brother
I compleeeeeeeeetely forgot about Qhuinn's brother, and I glazed right over the comment that he was in deep freeze! Who made the comment? Lash? Did Lash get him? Please fill a sister in!

I definitely felt that who he was in LA was way different than how he was portrayed in LM. However, we only saw him in very professional settings in LA, so that may be why such a change in his demeanor...
I did think it was really odd tho that Qhuinn kept insisting he was a player, not totally sure if he really IS a player or Qhuinn would say anything at that point to keep from losing Blay to him.

Gregg & Holly
Thinking back, I was a littttle skeeved out that Muhrder actually had sex with Holly. I mean I know he's all crazy and stuff, but that was ... um ... I dunno. It will be hard for me to fall for him like I did the other brothers knowing he did that, I think, although I'm sure the Warden can change my opinion on that. Also, it really makes me wonder just what Muhrder FOUND and SAW when he went to rescue Xhex that has turned him in to such madness! I get the situation was bad and all, but to be so looney tunes SOMETHING ELSE had to have happened. Can't WAIT to find out more about his descent in to madness. The Warden made a point when Gregg saw Muhrder in his attic that he was the picture of madness (I can't remember the exact wording), so what on earth happened to him?

Oh I don't think Lash is gone, there is no way. He is just returned to the Omega when he went "poof!" and we've already seen a fore-lesser returned to power before, I can't remember which book or which "Mr" it was, but the Omega has done it before. I was almost a little irritated that Butch wasn't there to suck his soul out, because without that Final Act, there is always the chance of the lesser/fore-lesser coming back....
While I understood how important it was to Xhex to get her Kill shot, it was definitely more for symbolism and closure than anything else, cuz he ain't gone for good, not by a long shot.

Stacey: RE the Omega only recruiting men and the SV only recruiting women. Definitely something up with that. The minute Lash asks for a woman the Omega is all "BOOM! You're replaced!" Also, I never got the impression in previous books that the Omega took any of his lessers as lovers, but that was made very clear in this book that he took this new fore-lesser as one. Um, EW! :P

RE: The Shadow Death Lexicon, when Rehv asked why he was reading that and Trez was reply was "I'm just getting ready, s'all" (LAv pg 139):
Holy crap I completely forgot about this! Thanks for reminding me because there is definitely a reason the Warden created this dialog, to set up a future story for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

I think that's all cuz I fell behind on the conversation and wanted to read each post and try to address my thoughts on some great stuff you all have brought up.

UKSandy Hiya Pamela *waves back* - It was Lash who made the comment about Qhuinns cousins.

 ~V~ Hey Pamela!

..what you said about Trez and reading the Shadow Death Lexicon...I remember that scene in LA...but I don't understand what the "set up" for a future story is...I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...I need you to explain that one to me! :)
re: Murhder..I wonder if he actually IS crazy or not...when he was in the attic and Gregg was talking to him..he seemed pretty calm to me...he was just sitting there telling the guy to treat the lady better...he didn't seem "wacked out" to me at all...and later in the book when Xhex saw the newscast on TV..she made a comment about him terrorizing humans...and that being right up his alley. How wierd though...that he's pretending to be a ghost in that old house! I'm totally looking forward to a future book with him...I want to know what his deal really is! :)
...and you know..about having a hard time falling for him like you did the other brothers, after he slept with Holly.....I have to say that after I read the first two BDB books..Z totally creeped me out!...there was NO WAY that I would have thought JR Ward could redeem him in my eyes...but after his book...I LOVED HIM!!..he's def. one of my favs!! :)...she does have a way of doing that with a lot of the guys...Rhev...drug dealing pimp!!??....after reading his book...I actually felt really sorry for him!..and can you say...YUMMY!!...and JM...for me...the whole mute thing was kind of a turn off for me...in V's and Phury's books...but after LA and now after his own book....LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!! :)

Stacey Pamela - I'm with M Vander, I don't get the set-up of Trez reading the Shadow Death Lexicon either. Can you explain what your understanding of the set-up is?

Pamela / SpazP Sorry Stacey and M Vander~ there is absolutely nothing you are missing, I just got carried away. I meant a possible set-up in a story about him, maybe his own book! I was taking that conversation and thinking ahead, hmmm maybe Trez will get his own book since he's all reading that Lexicon.

Also, you are so right M Vander, thanks for reminding me about how my first impressions started off with all the Brothers, or at least the majority of them, and how drastically that changed once they got their own books! I love how dark the characters are and how unlikely they initially seem to be romantic Heroes and sure enough... they steal my heart :D

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