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The Evolution of God by Robert Wright
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Feb 06, 10

Read from January 29 to February 06, 2010

OK, Robert Wright is a smart guy and definitely did his research well for this book. But I was hoping for a history without any opinions and he had to share! And he has his mind made up even though he likes to delude himself that he is open-minded. The religion of Robert Wright is set in stone. He also loves to use his lingo a lot, and I mean a lot. He probably think it sounds pretty suave to the ladies...he needs converts.

Anyway, if you can deal with all that and work around it, he does give a decent historical account of how back in the day human culture evolved from believing in many gods to what it is today. It is interesting how the transition was pretty smooth and natural since it made sense as the societies changed. One god kind of turned into the next and we have the basic religions and god/gods we have today.

Wright goes from starting off talking about how the polytheistic cultures started believing in their gods to explain natural phenomenon that would make obvious sense at the time to of course explaining the histories of the gods and religions. Then at one point he starts going on about how he believes if humans naturally have a moral compass and the universe has created us in this way, there must be some extremely complex god-like creature that we don't really comprehend. That is his religion. It's the Robert Wright religion and there's a bunch of lingo that goes with it. You almost think he is going to go agnostic or atheist but he turns midway through!

I just wanted the history. But I got a bit more...and Rob I won't be joining the cult. If you wore special underwear like the Mormons, you might have had me hooked!

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