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Dark Demon by Christine Feehan
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Jan 29, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, fantasy-other-world, fantasy-romance, sensuous, vampire
Read in August, 2010

Dark Demon…

Things are coming to a head… Vikirnoff is tracking Natalya, a dragonseeker , whom they know has special significance to the vampires that are joining against the Carpathians… Natalya is compelled to go to the Carparthian mountains, to a specific cave… and Vikirnoff follows & finally finds her… (in a nick of time)…

It all began with Xavier, an ancient mage/wizard who wanted the immortal life of the Carpathians & power to rule the entire world… he kidnapped Rhainnon, a dragonseeker (who can sense vampires), bred with her, bled her, & killed her… she had 4 children (all by Xavier?)… and Natalya is her granddaughter… Natalya & Razvan, twins, lost their parents and were raised by Xavier… Xavier believed Razvan the more magical of the two, and Razvan protected Natalya by keeping the grandfather away from her, she giving him the magical spells and resolutions to challenges that Xavier demanded of Razvan... and even though Natalya believes he is dead (at the hands of the Carpathians), he continues to visit her in her dreams, and to gain knowledge from her… Razvan’s natural skills seem to be planning wars & voice to compel… Xavier & Razvan are in cahoots… although they are not in total sync… at the end battle, Natalya throws a sword through Razvan’s chest when he is going after Vikirnoff = and as he sinks into the ground, his look of betrayal hurts Natalya… and is he dead? Or?

Natalya, part human, part Carpthaian, part Mage… and trained Mage… is called to the crystal cave because the vampires (and Traian & Joie) have breached it… her father placed a compulsion in her when this happened, to go to the cave, because he needed her to protect the magik book of Xavier’s…

Natalya & Vikirnoff are unsteady with one another… Vikirnoff imagined a lifemate like his mother, to be protected, to take care of his needs, to be obedient… and Natalya fears the Carpathians almost as much as the vampire, yet she is drawn to him… she is lonely, and wants a family & happiness… When Vikirnoff intervenes when she is in the middle of a fight with 2 vampires & wolves, she attacks him also until she realizes he is there to help her… She then feels responsible to aid him… she’s a late night movie addict, and her references to June Cleaver, Freddie, Luke Skywalker amuse us all…

Bit by bit they come to trust one another, and value and accept one another for exactly who they are… they go through the crystal cave, and find the ceremonial knife (at the pushing of her father) that Xavier used to kill many, including her parents & grandparents… Natalya must face the truth about her brother – although we’re not quite sure what that truth is – but she knows he is alive, that he is the one that was taking her memories & her magical solutions that were now being used against both her and the Carpathians… They retrieve the book, though Natalya does not want to give it to Milhail because she does not know him…

Natalya takes the 3rd exchange of blood, and surprisingly to me, it is just as painful for her as the other non-Carpathian women…

They are all together at Mikhail’s home when the vampires & the master vampire & Razvan close a trap… they attack, and prevent them from going to ground to the caves, or becoming mist and escaping that way…. They must fight them (and multiplying clones) as they strive to get to the forest edge… Mikhail & Raven, Falcon & Sarah, Vikirnoff & Natalya, Dominic (Rhiannon’s brother), Manolito (from Brazil) – where they hit a wall that traps Dominic… and Dominic & Natalya use their knowledge of magic to open it – first letting in Gregori & Jaques in… and then when they get the barrier down, all of the clone vampire disappear, but Maxim vampire has his hand in Gregori’s chest… Mikhail joins with Gregori via blood, and then exudes great power, striking down Maxim and burning him to a crisp with a directed light energy & healing Gregori immediately…

Side story is Gabrielle, Joie’s sister, who was sent to be with Natalya when Vikirnoff goes to ground… they are attacked by vampires, and Gabrielle is mortally injured… Vikirnoff (and the others) save her, but Vikirnoff is the ‘holder of her soul’ until her body is healed enough to survive. Gabrielle loves Gary, a human scientist who is helping them… and … will Gabrielle now be forced to be a lifemate to a Carpathian? Will Gary be the first male Carpathian conversion? hmmmm

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