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Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
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01/05/2011 page 34
8.0% ""The part that struck me the most was the look on his face. It was sad- so, so sad." -Damn you Richelle for doing this to Mason!" 4 comments
01/07/2011 page 86
19.0% ""[..]Dimitri grabbed Camille. She screamed, not faking her fear. She apparently didn't find being in Dimitri's arms as thrilling as I did." - Ahahaha! Oh Rose! And this is where I love you completely!" 4 comments

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Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ HEHEHEHEHE...

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Get a box of tissues. Just saying.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ WHAT THE FUCK???!!!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ GODDAMMIT!!!

message 6: by Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) (last edited Jan 04, 2011 03:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAOOOOOO!!! :D SORRY! JUST WARNING YOU!


Just kidding :P

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ *GASP!*


Son of a bitch!!! ANNIEEEEEEEEE!! Why are you trying to kill me??!! I swear if everyone dies in the end, I'm coming for you! LMAO!!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAOO!! No promises, but this series was a rollercoaster ride for me!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Ah, what the hell, I'm sucked into it anyway, and this is not something you can comment on yet but I feel like I'm gonna wanna smack Richelle along the way..*sigh*

I've started the third one yesterday, didn't read much but man, Rose in the head of Lissa while she's with Christian was pretty damn funny! LOL! Though I do understand the poor girl's frustration :D

It broke my heart when Rose thought she saw Mason's ghost and the 'sad' look on his face..Somehow that one word really broke my heart. Damn you Richelle!

♥ Sarah ♥ The one thing about these books that'll make you want to smack Richelle is that every single one of them ends in a cliffhanger. But hey, at least they're all out already so it's not so bad. You don't have to wait like a year for the next one or anything. :)

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Exactly! And I have them all right now, got the last book on my way home and I've got my complete set and no waiting! ;D

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yes, I agree. But that's what makes the books so good too. I LOVE Richelle so I'll hug her instead of slap her LOL.

Now do you get what I mean about "Mason" Gokce? With the ghost in all?

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL! Oh, alright, alright, I won't smack her. I'll probably still wanna hug her in the end anyway :D

Oh man, when she thought she saw him..It was really sad. I hated that Mason died. Damn. At least I hope Eddie will be happy. He's so adorable warning guys off of Rose! And omg, he just got Lissa as his field training thing! And Rose got Christian, I find it highly amusing and quite cool! :D

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO!!

Yes!! Love that part. Rose was like, "WTFFFFFFFFFFF!?!" That's hilarious. Aww, Christian, I absolutely love that guy!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Btw, Annie, how do you pronounce Moroi and Strigoi? I don't know why but I can't seem to find a right way to say them in my head! :P

♥ Sarah ♥ I personally pronounce them "More-ee" and Strigoi just how it looks, with the "oi" kind of sounding like the beginning of "oink", ya know?

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL. I pronounce them both with the end like 'oink'. but I was thinking if that was right and I found myself wondering about that sometimes while reading!

♥ Sarah ♥ It is a little awkward looking. I don't know. "Strigoi[nk]" sounds okay. But not so much "Moroi[nk]" lol

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL. I think since English is not my first language, anything's fair game for me! LOL

♥ Sarah ♥ lol Ah I see... Man, I wish I knew more than one language. I always admire people who are able to do learn a whole new language. I tried with French, but I just got too lazy to learn it. lol :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Moroi is "MO-ROY" and Strigoi is "Stro-GOY"

I had a hard time with it as well. But I when I met her, thats how she pronounced it.

I understand 3 different languages(becuase of my mixed background) , but I only speak one How weird is that? my family mocks my "canadian" accent.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ I know Italian too, all my high school years was in Italian but after many years of not speaking I'm afraid I might've forgotten it! LOL, Sarah, I would've loved to learn French and Spanish! :D

Ah, thanks Annie doll, for the clarification. I think I pronounced them right in my head but a part of me kept wondering lol. Now I can fully focus while reading!

Annie, that's not weird, that's cool! :D

♥ Sarah ♥ Annie, I like Canadian accents, eh? lol I'm in Michigan close to the border, so when I was 19-21, my friends and I would all go across the border to drink. We would always like meeting the Canadian boys with their cute accents. Being American, I love any kind of accent on a man. Although, I must say Scottish/Irish is sexiest. :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL! I never really thought about it. But I swear Canadians sound just the same as Americans. Though I've only been to New York and they have an accent there.

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! SCOTTISH ACCENT IS HOOOOOTTT!!

♥ Sarah ♥ Although I'm pretty sure it's Irish, I love Gerard Butler's when he uses it in some movies. HOTTNESS! :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Isn't Gerard Scottish!? He has a scotsman's accent!

Dont you see him as Bowen or Garreth!?

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh TOTALLY! Actually, I see him as quite a few of the characters in my dreams. :-D You could be right on the Scottish thing. I don't know, both of those accents are so close I have trouble deciphering. lol

But...I also see him as Jamie from Outlander. Pretty much any "Hot Scot" I picture as Gerard. He is, after all, my celebrity boyfriend. :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) In tha dragon movie it was for Scots so thats why they used his voice.

HOT SCOT = GERARD. You're right!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Omg, Scottish accent on a man? HOT. Hot hot hot. And I LOVE Gerry!!! :D

He could totally be one of those sexy guys Annie, the ones I still yet to read dammit!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Annie *Leather Lust* wrote: "Moroi is "MO-ROY" and Strigoi is "Stro-GOY"

I had a hard time with it as well. But I when I met her, thats how she pronounced it.

I understand 3 different languages(becuase of my mixed backgr..."

Do you know,through the entire series I never said the names right? I always pronounced them differently every time. I'm surprised I never confused the shite outta my self! LOL! You would think how many times can you pronounce it? I did 100's of times....LMAO! & Just like you,my languages are mixed up too. I know Spanish and Somewhat of the Arabic Language cause of my husbands family,so I'm all Jacked up when it comes down to pronouncing names! ROTFLAMO!

BTW,Stop teasing Gokce! LOL! She doesn't need to know who dies and who doesn't,this series is stressful as is.....ahahahahaha....If she loses interests now,she'll never come back =( lol!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LMAO!! Annie does tease me, she nearly gave me a heart attack, that crazy girl! LMAO!!

I'm proud to say I did pronounce names right. I think. LOL! The biggest problem for me was the Moroi/Strigoi words but it seems I got them right, I swear they kept my mind busy at times! LOL.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAOO!! I do, but that's becuase it's so fun and Gokce is a good sport about it anyways! :P

I used to say LISA instead of LISSSSSSSA. I was WRONG. And Abe (dont know if you know him yet, Gokce). But I pronounced it as "Abbey". WRONG AGAIN.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Ah, play fast and loose with my fragile fangirl heart, why don't ya Annie?? LMAO!!!

LOL, when you wrote LISSSSSSSA, I had a picture of a snake crawling and saying her name in my head..LIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAA....

Don't know any Abe yet, I'm still stuck on Adrian! LOL.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL!! I WILL MOAHAH!

hahaha It's such a weird name, but I've come to love it! LISSSSSSSSSSA.

Oh Adrian, love him to death!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ ARRRGGHHH!! LOL!!

Omg, I'm loving this..LISSSSSSSSSSSSSA....

Love him to death??! What do you mean??!! LMAO!! Oh, Adrian..I loved it when he kept telling Rose he's above the rules LOL! Such a sweetheart!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAOO! Thats so funny. How one name has me laughing so hard.

It means I LOVE HIM FOREVER AND EVER! I didn't mean anything about the death part. Easy, he doesn't die....YET! MOOAHAHA!

Kidding. :D

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Awww... You gals are too cute! I didn't even know Lisa's name was pronounced that way. Gwad! All this info will come in handy when I decide to do a re-read. Lolz!

Hey!!!!! *pouting* Annie are you saying I'm no fun? :P

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL! See, with us you learn soo much! LOL Kidding.

WHAT!? I NEVER SAID THAT! You're toooooooooooooooooons of fun, are you kidding!? Must we point out we know all about your crazy side!? :P

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ I will sneak up on you from time to time with this..



LOL, Elena, they will definitely come in handy! :D

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I'll get goosebumps! LOL

Nah, nothing THAT life threatening happens. At least, I can't remember there being something like that. :P

But you're making good time on this series! Keep it up and you'll be eagerly awaiting the next spin-off.

Elena, did you hear about who is in the spin-off???

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R I learn something new everyday ladies.

Oh Man!! Adrian will be our personnel deaths with his bad attitude & smexiness! Lol!

Say What?!? What crazy side? I don't have a crazy side. Annie you're making me blush shush! Lol!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO!! No hiding it here, Elena! We know all about your wild side! :P

Adrian is how old again? 21? 22? Same age as me, how perfect! i dont have to resort to lusting after young'ns.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Ah, and you keep teasing Annie..LOL!

Elena, you're crazy and you know it! LOL. You're an Erotica Librarian after all ;D

Damn! Adrian was 21 last time I checked but really, when they're vamps, that means 26 in human years and that means I'm not lusting after young ones! Nu-uh.

message 44: by Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) (last edited Jan 07, 2011 11:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO! I love your reasoning Gokce! How perfect!

How about Dimitri?? He was...24?

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Why, thank you, I KNOW! It's such a perfect system! :D

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Wait, do dhampirs age normally? They do right? I know someone celebrates a birthday in that series...

So in the Spin-off they'll be older! YAY!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Lmao! Wow! Um... Okay! What does it make me if I'm 27 and lusting over Alex Fuentes from The Perfect Chemistry series, which the young Stud Muffin is 19? * licks lips* 0_o LOL!

I did hear about the spin-off series Annie! I'm so excited! I didn't like what went down with a certain someone in the last book. So I'm definitely excited to get some answers :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) A MILF!? LOLOL!

Damn! Gotta read that series still! so much to read!

WOO HOO! Very excited about it! Cant wait!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Real funny Annie! Lol! A MILF?!? Seriously? Well thank goodness their just fictional characters, or I would be doomed under that category! Rotflmao!

You and Gocke gotta read it! Then you'll understand my POV... Lol!

You here that Gocke? The VA series ain't over Dove. There's a
spin-off series, hopefully it'll be released soon. Woot-Woot!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) ROFLMAO!! First thing that came to mind! LOL

YEAHHH!! So excited! Do we know when its even coming out!?

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