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Covet by J.R. Ward
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Jun 09, 11

really liked it
Read in October, 2009


The Warden is back and just as good as ever. This book is an introduction to the other side of Caldwell. Vampires aren’t the only kind that stalks the street. J. R Ward introduces us to her fallen angels and the struggles of the everyday person.

We meet Jim Heron, a recluse who doesn’t say much, but by looking at him you know that he has lived a pretty sordid life. One night at a club he meets a woman with sad eyes, who was looking for comfort, and he offers it with his body. Working at a construction site, is the job he has now before he moves on, changes his name, and become someone else. Just so happens the woman from last night is his boss’s woman and the shock of it all leads Jim to have an onsite accident, which cost him his life, and a revelation that will save the world.

Jim wakes up from his accident in an unfamiliar place with four very inhumanly beautiful men. What they ask him to do, leaves Jim laughing, obviously this has to be a dream. There is no way these guys are saying that he has to save the world. He realizes this is no joke and the faith of man survival depends on him, kind of like that children’s Christian song “He’s got the whole world in his hands”. He shall have seven chances to save the world and he must not fail, because the one person he loved most in this world, her life would have been for naught. Jim wakes up in real time in a hospital bed to find that not only is his boss at his bedside but it seems he’s his first assignment and how the hell is he going to save this guys soul.

Vin diPietro grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with parents that he could have lived without. To make matters worse he has psychic visions and no one wanted to be around that weird kid who knew when and how you were going die. So he grew up the loner, he decides that he wants to rid himself of his curse and live a normal life, the decisions he makes create a foundation that will cost him his very soul. With money to burn and living on top, Vin realizes that his life might be missing the important things but it could be a little too late for him. Marie- Terese lives as a lady of the night, running from a past filled with violence, never staying in one place for too long. She wants out of her life, and she sees a man that makes her want to find a stopping place. It seems someone is killing men she’s come in contact with and she has no choice but to move on. Life has other plans and she’s dragged into some serious sh*t that she never thought existed.

The Warden creates a world filled with angels who come in the form of humans, things that are evil and comes in pretty packages. Magic so dark that it makes a blackout, seem bright and sunny. A love story so beautiful and powerful, that it will lead to the healing and rebuilding of their lives. Ward manages to write a intricately woven story with characters that are relatable. Every scene and character was well balanced, and the bad guys crazy and psychotic. Who doesn’t love a messed up mean guy/girl. There was small cameos by the brothers and I am glad they were small anything bigger would have overshadowed the overall story. Don’t get me wrong I love my brothers, but I got to focus on this brand new wicked series more. On the pants losing scale I give this a 4 only because Vin and Marie were sexy together and the love they had for each other pretty much came off the page and slapped me in my face. Such a good book, and a new take on angels and evil things that go bump in the night. Check it out.
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Rossy Gah, we're one addicted bunch.LOL

Fantastic review, Darien!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I just loved Covet, too.

Great review!

DarienMoya Thanks guys. Bah to J.R Ward for writing so awesome and making us addicted. Who am I kidding! I love it.

Buggy Yeah baby! I"m moving to the Commadore

DarienMoya I already live there. ;)

Buggy Ha ha.. DO I need to ask whose apartment you're in??

DarienMoya Lets just say i gave Jane the boot and invited Butch over.

Buggy NICE!!!

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