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Faefever by Karen Marie Moning
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Reasons I loved this book (random stream-of-thoughts review):

(1) This book quickly devolved into a dystopian tale in the last few chapters. It was fabulous and horrifying simultaneously – one of those types of stories where you can’t possibly tear yourself away from reading. You read the words and think to yourself: “How in the hell are the characters possibly going to recover from this situation?!?!?!”. It seems the only possible situation for the author is DEUS EX MACHINA. I wonder if that will be what happens? It seems so dark at the end, that the author had to write a little promise after the last chapter to remind you that this is a story of light not of dark.

(2) A sign of a good book is when I can get so worked up over something a character does/says that it bothers me. There was a scene in this book that bothered me immensely, so much so that I re-read the section again because I had some disbelief about it. I love when an author can write a story that absorbs me so much that I can get worked up about it… It shows their talent. In case anyone is wondering what scene bothered me, it was Barrons and the birthday cake.

(3) I also love a story that can throw twists into the storyline that I don’t see coming. I had lots of moments in this book where I didn’t see something coming. I won’t elaborate in this review on the twists, because I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read the book.

(4) Barrons remains an enigma. One moment I think he’s not fae, the next I’m convinced he’s an Unseelie King. One moment I think he’s madly in love with Mac, the next I’m convinced he’s the biggest belligerent prick on the planet. I love a mystery.

(5) Just when you think that Karen Marie Moning can’t top her last book, she manages to make the story even more interesting. Can she keep it up? I’m dying to know and will be reading book 4 immediately ;)
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Aimee The birthday cake scene really got my goat too!

Laura the Highland Hussy I told you so! lol really, though...remember that b-day cake scene!

Pam G Reasons I love this review - I had to look up "dystopian" and "deus ex machina" (I love that!) And the sexual tension in this series is so......erotic. Wow, a great review and an education - freakin sweet!

Phenix26 great review. i just finished this book and i had essentially the same reaction. and ditto for the bday cake scene!!! i reread it like 3 times...just to be sure i wasn't jumping to conclusions. i'm eager to read book 4 but i want to savor these books because they are soooo good.

FlibBityFLooB Phoenix -- glad to heaR you're enjoying them. I *loved* the series. Finally got my husband to read it. He's 50 pages from the ending in the last book and is sad to see it ending.

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