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My Zombie Valentine by Katie MacAlister
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Feb 03, 13

Did no one else want ACTUAL zombie valentines? Like, some protagonist decides that they love a zombie, but the zombie just sits there and drools, and he/she shows the zombie to friend and says, "This is my Valentine!"
And the friend says, "That's a zombie. Is it even capable of sentient thought?"
And the zombie says, "Brains!"
And the protagonists says, "YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND OUR LOVE! COME ON ZOMBIE!" and then they run away in a flood of tears.
Now, I know that it would be hard to come up with a plot based around such a concept. For one thing, I can't thing of an antagonist who doesn't have a hopelessly lame motivation. But maybe it could be a parody of a soap opera or something. And it would have been great!
But no. We get this instead. And I must say, I like my idea better.

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I like your idea better too. :D

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