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Lessons From a Scarlet Lady by Emma Wildes
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Jan 27, 2010

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Brianna and Colton have been married for three months. Their marriage is built on respect and care for one another. Colton has a reputation of being cold and straight laced because of his status as the Northfield, the fifth Duke of Rolthven. He’s one of the wealthiest men in England and his wife thinks of him as her dashing prince. But as a new wife to such a man, she has doubts, which leads her to wonder if she can keep Colton satisfied and happy in bed, because many men like him to turn to mistresses for more outlandish requests when it comes to lovemaking. Brianna doesn’t want to lie back in bed wearing her long virginal nightgown with the lights on low as Colton makes respectable love to her as he feels he should. She comes up with a plane to seduce her husband where he’ll go wild with desire for her by using a naughty book as a guide from a former courtesan, the Lady Rothburg. When Brianna dresses in a very low cut gown at the opera, Colton is shocked and aroused. Things go quite well afterwards when the Northfields enjoy a steamy encounter together in their carriage.

Colton adores Brianna, even though he wouldn’t call what he feels for her exactly love. At a very young age he has been taught to be very responsible and thinks of things in very cut and dry terms. He has no room for sudden emotional outbursts and likes to stay in control. Brianna begins to break down these walls he has built, and soon all he can think about is bedding her. His regard for Brianna changes where he becomes very suspicious and comes to the conclusion that the only way she has learned these new intimacies from a man, thus he comes to the conclusion that Brianna must be cheating on him. Things will take an interesting turn because based on Colton’s trust issues, he could destroy their marriage.

As Brianna and Colton’s marriage begins to worsen, his well known rakish brother, Robert, starts lusts after Brianna’s unmarried friend, Rebecca Marston. Rebecca has wanted Robert forever, but her father has a very low opinion of him. Robert finds her to be too innocent for an improper man like himself. With the guidance of Brianna and Lady Rothburg’s advice, Rebecca will try and seduce Robert just as Brianna has with Colton and hope that it will be enough where he’ll turn his back on all other women and decide she’s the one woman of his heart.

Lessons from a Scarlet Lady is a refreshing Regency romance because the main couple in are already married, care for one another deeply and enjoy one another in the bedroom. Brianna is innocent when it comes to certain things, especially in regards to what she learns from the courtesan’s advice book and how to use those techniques in her marriage. What she does with Colton isn’t too shocking and pretty tame from dressing more scandalously to engaging in other sexual positions and acts. Colton loves being with Brianna this way, but because of her openness and these new skills, he comes to the conclusion she must have learned it elsewhere. And I can’t blame him because where would a virginal English miss, who came into a marriage unaware to what occurs in the bedroom, know to get down on her knees and pleasure her husband? Colton’s mistrust could have been nipped in the bud if only Brianna told him about her book, but she doesn’t thinking he’d frown upon her reading material. Again some open communication could have stopped a whole lot of heartache, but then again there would be no story.

I did find Emma Wildes’ tale a pleasing read. I loved how she balanced these close relationships, where she shows a loving marriage with some internal problems, to that of a more innocent one with Rebecca and Colton’s dastardly brother, Robert. The love scenes are nothing too eye popping, but fit the overall tone needed. Some may find themselves a bit annoyed with Colton, not because of his concern with Brianna possibly having a lover, but because his unfortunate past that makes him cold and distant. Other than that, I found Lessons from a Scarlet Lady a pretty solid historical romance.
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Thanks for the review, Katie. I wasn't sure about this one. I think I'd like it, now.

message 2: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa Great review Katie. ^^ I have this one in my bookshelf to read sometime.

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