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Vernon God Little by D.B.C. Pierre
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Feb 01, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: whats-all-the-fuss-about, novels
Recommended for: people on a different planet than me

This one got thrown at the wall in a short space of time. My mind was prepared to love it but then I was confronted with the ugliest writing about the the ugliest antihero who was the modern hip hop version of the snivelling little creep in Catcher in the Rye who I've always wanted to go back in time and murder but can't because he's imaginary.
Some other review of this says - quote - as the novel unfolds, Pierre's parodic version of American culture never crosses the line into caricature - unquote and I say - uh, WHAT??? It starts off with painful cliche caricatures and escalates from there. The subtitle of this book is "Caricatures R Us". The author is DBC Pierre and the DBC stands for Dreadfully Boring Caricatures.
So after I that I watched "Elephant" which may not be such a masterpiece itself but it's better'n this bad book.


Short list of things about school shootings:

Bowling for Columbine
We Really Must Talk About Kevin, I Insist, No Really, Shut Up, Listen to Me
Vernon God Little If You Really Must
Columbine, a great book about the real thing, see my long review elsewhere
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message 1: by David (new)

David Holden Caulfield is not a sniveling little creep. (I really have to believe that because he's me.) And let me tell you, Paul, this sniveling little creep's not going down in your assassination plot without a fight. Bring it on.

message 2: by Paul (new) - rated it 1 star

Paul Bryant It's on. That near miss this morning on the way to work? That was me.

message 3: by Ian (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ian Wow, Paul, you and I got totally different things from this book. Of course, I see you also hated Confederacy of Dunces, which means you're one of the dunces. "So there!" I exclaimed, as I turned and stomped out of the room.

message 4: by Paul (new) - rated it 1 star

Paul Bryant Sense of humour is a funny old thing. This one was nails on a blackboard.

Alex And also because time machines don't exist, right?!?

message 6: by Paul (new) - rated it 1 star

Paul Bryant yes, the existence of this book proves that time machines will never be invented.

Marius Hancu While reading Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre, you may want to see my questions related to it as answered in the alt.usage.english (AUE) Usenet newsgroup. My thanks to the participating AUE members. The focus of my questions was the language: rare words, funny or original expressions, special or strange constructs — as I saw them, from within my own idiosyncrasies.

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