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The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice
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Jan 25, 2010

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Actually done as an audioCD, but couldn't find that edition, so am listing as a regular book.

It seems so cliche today to write a book about vampires but Anne Rice is clearly one of the original masters of the genre. Written in a way that felt that the true master, Mr. Bram Stoker, the book quickly drew me in, despite a questionable narrator (long, dramatic pauses are not necessary after EVERY sentence, my dear sir).

The series started with "Interview with the Vampire" but this tale tells the history of the Vampire Lestat, on of the two main characters from Interview. Lestat is a tortured soul, then becomes an immortal tortured soul. The history of vampires is explained, in a way that I found interesting but a touch confusing. Tell me again how the Egyptian God/Goddess Osiris/Isis turned into Ashaka and a guy whose name I didn't catch? How are they the same beings? Not quite sure what happened there, but I liked that the author had the guts to try to explain the vampire history that way.

Lestat is in a continual battle over what it means to be an immortal; do you conform to the traditional beliefs? Can you conform when you don't know what those beliefs are? Can you still retain the essence of what it means to be human when you believe you are no longer human but are now an inhuman monster? Can you still love with the passion of a human? (The answer to this last one is, interestingly enough, yes, and you can love men and women with equal passion, even if the woman was your mom or a 6-yr old child). The tie to being human also seemed to dictate Lestat's sexual orientation. Perhaps it confused matters when he moved into being an immortal, but it seemed once he was 'changed' he became a homosexual who still greatly appreciated a perfect female form (especially when it was his mother).

At any rate, this book was an interesting take on what it means to either cross borders, or have no borders. As lengthy as it was I was left wondering.... what's next, what's next?

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