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Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini
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Jan 24, 2010

this book was pretty interesting. this is because it is about a regular teenage boy who is conisdered a loser in his school, basically invisible. he likes this girl named christine which is in his class and she has 2 friends named anne and jenna. in the beginning of the book, they are all in math class and the 3 girls start talking about this stalker that christine has which they thought was wired and creepy. they had letters or papers from this stalker and they were talking about it. jeremy was getting nervous because he knew that the stalker they were talking about was him. then he meets up with his friend which is not as dorky as he was and they talk about this shakespere play which jeremy ends up signing up for. then later on, he bumps into one of the poplar blonde kids named rich. he was a bully and oftenly bullied jeremy. then when the halloween dance came around, jeremy went and saw rich dressed up as marijuana. rich talks to jeremy as a friend and then goes on to one of the hottest girls in the school and starts making out with her. then he eventally tells jeremy about this pill called a squip. this squip basically will make jeremy one of the most popular people in the school. this squip costs around 5-600 dollars so jeremy starts selling his aunts rare dolls and gets enough to pay for the squip. after this point, his popularity starts shooting up. this popularity is the squip talking and coaching him through everything and he eventually gets to a point where things get graphic. he steals his mom's car, takes his best friend to the party where he gets high on ecstasy and his squip starts malfunctioning talking in spanish. he then hides out and waits untill his squip is back to english and goes home. when he gets home, his mom starts talking to him about his aunt's missing dolls and why her car was parked differently so he tells her about the squip. they think hes crazy so they send him to the therapist which also had a squip and let him go. then back in school during the play, the squip tells him to stop in the middle and ask christine out. he does and gets rejected and kicked out of the play. he goes outside and cries and his squip turns off. he then was brought back to his original loser self and the squip apologizes and tells him to tell christine about the squip. then the squip tells him to drink red mountain dew and destroys the squip. to me, i just think that this book is what every teenager is looking for. a chance to be popular.

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