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The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene
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Jan 24, 2010

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Did Greene plagiarise a section of his book? More on that later.

Oh, god, I'm surprised I finished it. For the most part, I enjoy theoretical physics. I'm not sure if I believe everything that theoretical physics proposes (but then again, I'm not one for blindly allowing myself to be pulled along by an entity I can't see), but I enjoy it nonetheless. And I wanted to enjoy this book, I really did. Greene offers some thought provoking ideas, and he even mentions at one point the author of one of my favourite theoretical physics books,Lisa Randall.

Unfortunately, Greene is unable to translate all his ideas into legible text. I was able to understand some of what he was saying, but after a while, my eyes started to glaze over and I was left puzzling my own existence. Greene tends to throw ideas out there (such as cracked eggs becoming whole again, or ice forming in a glass of warm water and then melting once more) without giving a warning, that leaves the reader wondering if perhaps Greene has lost his marbles in the search for truth. Furthermore, and this may be more a publisher's error, but the book promised discussion on black holes and the like- my favourite of all astronomical topics. However, black holes are only mentioned in depth in the last twenty odd pages. However, there was a chapter on time travel, wormholes and alternate universes, but that was only a short chapter in of itself.

There was one segment I did catch that made me sit up and laugh. I only would have caught it because I read Flash Forward by Richard J. Sawyer shortly before this book. Greene and Sawyer both use the same analogy of Gone With the Wind as a way of describing looking through time, in exactly the same manner. Seeing as Sawyer wrote his novel first (back in 1999) and The Fabric of the Cosmos was written in 2004, I can only suspect that Greene was, er, inspired if you will to use it. Still, I'm sure Sawyer would appreciate the credit.
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