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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 23, 2010

it was ok
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OK, so...I finally finished. Like a lot of other people, I read this simply because I saw the preview for the movie and I HAVE to read a book before I see the film adaptation. In this case, I really wish I wasn't so anal retentive.

Anyhoo, the book. Typical Sparks fare - star-crossed lovers, torn apart by fate, life, what have you. I really enjoyed the interaction between John and his father a lot more than I did his relationship with Savannah, maybe because it seemed far more real. I never warmed up to Savannah, even though she was supposed to be the perfect, lovely Southern young lady. And, like SO many other reviews on here, I too thought the ending was horrid. As I was nearing the end of my audiobook, I knew exactly how it would end, but I still had another disc to go. It was seriously painful...I can get behind tragic/unrequited love stories, but this one just seemed so pointless. John literally gives up everything he has in his entire life for someone who treats him badly for 90% of their relationship. I always know what I'm getting myself into with a Sparks book, but in this case I left feeling totally dissatisfied; it's like when you go to a buffet, and you know what you're about to eat is terrible for you, but you binge anyways and have massive regrets immediately afterward. I'll still go see the movie, mostly because my sister-in-law is super excited to see it, but part of me hopes this is one of those instances where Hollywood romanticizes things and changes the ending. This book could really use it.
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Courtney I agree I don't really like Savannah much either, even though she is made out to be the "perfect" girl. I definitely connect with John better.

Shannon I also did not like Savannah; however, she was good for John. He needed her to be part of his life. She showed him how to love and opened up his relationship with his father. I thought the ending was incredibly predictable and in some ways appropriate. I think it would be crazy to expect her to wait so many years for his return. They really didn't see each other enough to help their relationship grow. I also think it would have been crazy for her to leave her husband for John. Sparks completely turned me off from this book at the end when Savannah was so desperate for John. She put him in an awful situation by trying to bring up their old memories. She was selfish and heartless. She caused him enough pain and didn't deserve to cause him more. She needed to live with the decisions she made. I hated that she still went out to see the moon. I don't think John will move on because of that. He'll wait for her as long as he has too.

Lily I thought she was sweet and the fact that she still went out to see the fool moon is completly romantic and she didn't ask John to leave the army and she didn't expect him to sooooo overall I think she was down to earth and sweet

 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ Katia I agree with your review for the most part. Did you end up watching the movie? What do you think of the "movie vs the book"?

I have to say I saw the movie 1st this week. And I just finished the book today. (check out my review).

I had been meaning to read the book first before I saw the movie, but once the movie was released on dvd, I could not help myself :) I liked the movie a whole lot better than the book though.

Sarah Jacquie I really enjoyed the part with the father, and actually found that to be the more touching and well written part of the book. That, more than the rest of the story, is something that will stay with me.

Katia Funnily enough, I haven't seen the movie yet because I heard it was fairly crappy! And Sarah, I agree - the father's role in this book stayed with me far longer than any other part of it. My own dad has gone through some health issues lately and I definitely identified with John's emotions during that time. I think now that enough time has passed and I'm not as angry at this book I'll have to Netflix the movie - hopefully I enjoy it!

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