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Iorich by Steven Brust
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Jan 30, 2010

really liked it
Read from January 23 to 26, 2010

A nice piece of decadence I enjoy is a new Vlad Taltos story, Mr. Brust captures something that grabs me with the humor, something that some people might question given that Vlad worked for the local crime organization and was a part time assassin; but then why shouldn't a criminal have a sensor of humor. Anyway, Vlad has returned to Andrilankha to help a friend (as in Dzur (Vlad)). This time it's a judicial matter (thus the title Iorich since they're the house that typically administers the judicial side of the Dragaeron Empire. For those not familiar, most of the Taltos series names take the flavor of the house for which they're named) and Vlad is dealing with all levels of the Empire, from the Empress to humans (for those not familiar, humans are generally a second class race within the Dragaeron Empire). As in many of the Taltos stories, Mr. Brust tells two stories, one a sub-story that starts each chapter and supports the main story in some fashion and the main story. As in Dzur, we get to see our old favorites; Kragar (my favorite), Morrolan, Aleria, Sethra, and the others you expect when Vlad's in Andrilankha. Also, since its in Andrilanka the Jhereg do feature here (however I'm a little disappointed with the ease Vlad seems to enter town given the Jhereg are hunting him, is this because the Left Hand is controlling the Jhereg).

Rating wise I'm calling this a nice 4 star book. This is a nice pickup from Jhegaala and Dzur where Vlad gets back into his old style. This is more traditional than Jhegaala (Vlad) was and provides a little more insight into the Empire and Vlad. As usual there's some good twists that make the book enjoyable, but the actions not as hot as in some of the stories (sorry, no Morrolan wading in with Blackwand or anything like that). The story is a good one though and the ending is a great setup for Tiassa. One of the most enjoyable twists with the book Deleted Scenes chapter (makes me wonder if Mr. Brust is planning to come out with a writers version;). You don't have to read the earlier Taltos books to enjoy this one, but it adds to it if you do. Enjoy it!

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