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Invisible I by Amanda Valentino
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Jan 24, 2010

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I picked up this book because I thought it was the newest book by one of my more beloved authors, Melissa Kantor, and was really surprised when the book cover credited Stella Lennon. So I thought, "Did I pick up the wrong book? And who the heck is Stella Lennon?" After much Googling, I realized that Stella Lennon was just an alias. Kantor actually DID write this book; it's just that the Amanda Project is a series, and the next two books are written by different authors that they all decided to just use one name for the series. After I realized that, I could finally go back to enjoying the book.

The first thing I'd like to mention are the pictures. Simply adorable. I was reading this on the subway, and when I came upon the first image, I thought, "Aw, isn't this cute? The person who'd borrowed the book before me drew a little flower for me. And oh, wow, s/he drew me a bird too! What an artist!" After much inspection, I realized, no, someone hadn't left me drawings, the illustrations were part of the novel. Silly me, right?

I liked it, overall. I love how the story unfolds with the action, instead of setting it up tortuously with irrelevant information. Everything you read here is related to Amanda, some way or another, and further provides clues into finding her. Even when it's about Callie's life, it's also about Amanda. Amanda still remains an enigma, but I'm intrigued by her. She's pretty awesome. People are probably going to somehow link her to Margo from Paper Towns, but let's not. Margo was annoying and seemed childish at points with her outrageous clues. Amanda, however, is really smart. She creates all these alias for herself and everything she says and does fall straight into pieces that it's hard not to applaud her intellect and careful planning. Even though she's driving the main characters crazing with her cryptic messages, I've sunk so deep into the mystery that I just need to know what's going to happen.
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♥Jenny♥ You liked it?? I gave it 3 three stars too, but I think that you liked the book a bit more than I did. I think that Amanda needs a good explanation for doing what she did, and this book did nothing for telling me why she did what she did. All it said was that Amanda was "special". And how do Amanda's friends know to look for her clues, and all of this. And the main character, was a tad bit unbelievable. She hung out with the "popular" crowd, yet she's gone through the things that she's gone through. She hangs out with stupid 2 dimensional people when she's got problems of her own. It didn't make any sense. And her, standing up to her friends and hanging out with the "underdogs" was unoriginal. I didn't really like the book. Although, I will read the 2nd book in attempts to find out why Amanda is doing all of this. Oh, and the authors making up a completely different alias (Stella Lennon) for the series was stupid. They should've just written all of their names or did something else. But doing that was just confusing, even though they were trying to prevent the confusion.

Nian Hahah, I completely agree that the alias thing was pointless.

Yeah, I mean, it was no Paper Towns, but I enjoyed it for the constant action. Some clues seemed strange, and I get what you mean about how the main characters just seem to know what the clues mean. It could be that you don't like Kantor's portrayal of Amanda, so maybe you'll like Bennett Madison's (since he's writing the next one, I believe).

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