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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
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Jan 22, 10

Read in January, 2010

Twelth Night was a very intersting book. This book cover most of lifes major motif and themes; such as love, jelously, and mistaken identity. It all start with a girl name viola who was in a ship wreck along with her twin brother. Viola landed in illyria where she diguise herself as a man name cesario. The only person who knows about her secret is the captin from the ship he also helps her. "Viola" starts to work for Orsino who, has her sending messages to. Olivia the woman he is deeply in love with. Olivia's brother has recently died and she has decided to mourn his death by not showing her face for seven years. Here is where it gets interesting, while viola is sending messages to Olivia, Olivia is falling in love with cesario who is really viola. Mean while viola is falling for Orsino and the only reason he won't love her back is because he believes she is a man. To me this is the part romantic comedy plays in, they all fall in with the wrong person expecting the same in return. What Olivia does not know is that cesario is really a girl and that Orsino being completely clueless about it. To me what's even more funny is that viola kind of gives him a hint, but Orsino is too distracted by Olivia to pay attention. For example, when viola tells Orsino about a woman in love, well that woman was her. On the other hand there are problems viola faces like the challenge duel with sir Andrew. In the end viola's secrecy identity is revealed when her twin brother arrives in Illyria. Overall the play was good, in some way I think it would have been better if in the end Shakespear added the fool and Mary getting married. I say this because I ended the book questioning about the two, it left unfinished.

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