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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
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Nov 03, 2007

really liked it
Recommended for: positive thinking fans who want their belief validated
Read in June, 2007

Yesss, OK, I admit it. I did read this book. LOL. At first with the jaundiced eye of a natural-born mild pessimist.But by the end I was intrigued by the theories of the book. In a quantum physics nutshell: the law of attraction = not so much what you *think* about most, but what you visualize & feel (ie, internalize) the attract into your life. That basically, human beings are spiritual magnets, attracting things on similar frequencies. So you change your magnetic frequency to attract the things you want, rather than those you don't. Kind of the reverse of "Don't think of a pink elephant!" I've been experimenting with the ideas & I've learned 2 things: 1) There really IS something to this theory. 2) It's fun to play goofy mind games with yourself to turn things that suck into great things, 3) It's much harder than it sounds to replace images of what you don't want with that which you do.
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message 1: by Dewi (new)

Dewi good book..actually. anyway sometimes it's hard for me to implement how to attract the power outside of me.well i mean the natural my perception, the content of the book is how to think positively in our life, whatever our condition is

message 2: by Dewi (new)

Dewi anyway for the very first time i read the book, i found myself so enthusiastically..

message 3: by Dan (new)

Dan actually its not a theory its wild essoteric nonsense with no scientific standing whatsoever. a theory in the scientific sense (which it looks like you are using) needs to be peer reviewed and falsafiable however since none of this works unless you believe it works and act like it has already worked there is no way to test or prove any of this.

Alicia Danny, you're a good 5 years late to this party. And, as this is not a peer-reviewed academic journal, but rather a fun site for book lovers, I don't think it's required that we all conduct a double-blind study before forming an opinion on each book we read. I.e., Lighten up, dude. Time to put down Darwin's 'Origin of Species' & read some fun brain candy.

message 5: by Dan (new)

Dan it seems more like moldy bread for your brain as the ideas this book encourages rot it and make people think irrationally and unrealistically but i wont get into that you are right i didn't see the dates these were posted i was just commenting on the review, and anyways i was just correcting you on your usage of a word that you were well misusing :P but if you want to read it for fun go ahead im just giving input on some of the mistakes you made in your terminology is all

Bebe Booth Lol damn Danny boy why so bitter?
I'be experimented with the law of attraction and holy shit it's really wicked just how effective this shit works when you ALLOW it. It definitely won't work for negative/ bitter people because they're already made up their minds that it's useless for them. Oh well the world needs bitterness so that the sweetness of pure bliss can be appreciated

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