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Tempted by P.C. Cast
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Jan 21, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: just-a-book, series
Read from April 03 to 05, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Really, the only reason i'm reading this now is because i want to find out what is going to happen in the end and if there is actually a plot to this thing. I would have given it one star, but i have to say i liked the ending, because she 'died'. Somethings that annoyed me were...
1. The Boyfriends.
Reason - I think it was a little too much after Kalona came into the picture and stayed there. Five boyfriends? Really? Does Zoey really love every single one of them or she thinks she does? I really think that any boy that walks into these books who is not gay or taken by another girl is going to be an addition to Zoeys collection of boyfriends. And she even calls each of them boyfriends. Boyfriend #1 (Heath), Boyfriend #2 (Erik), Boyfriend #3 (Loren), Boyfriend #4 (Stark), and Boyfriend #5 (Kalona). Thankfully, Loren died, so he's never coming back again, and she's dumped Erik, so he's out of the picture for now. (Or is he? Will he come back and she suddenly decides she loves him too?) So now we have to add Boyfriend #6 and #7...Mitchell and Dave the Plumber.
2. Ummm...where is this book heading?
I was hoping for a surprise ending and some twist on the plot...but no. Zoey just gets mad when Kalona kills Heath (unfortunately, we're not down that boyfriend. She followed him to the death place) and her soul shatters. I thought she was supposed to die drowning. I only like the fact that she 'died' not the fact that she still survived somehow. There was no plot development in the story at all. They leave the abbey, get to the school, then go to Venice because they are convinced that that is the only way to save the world. There were 200 pages of them doing nothing, each telling their own story. The only plot development i really saw was through Stevie Rae and her horrible secret of Rephaim.
3. The Setting
I think that the Casts should add some more description to their writing, because a lot of the time I had no idea where the characters were. Maybe i could have improvised and thought that they were in a magical fairy land filled with Pink Raven Pegasus's and the evil Red Gnomes who won't follow their High Priestess, Stevie Rae Gnome.
So...just add some detail. Maybe that would actually make me give it an extra star (not likely).
4. The Wording
I think the authors are going way overboard making Zoey think like a teen and describe her life as a teen. So please don't describe everything in teen language ("so i walked over to this fountain and it was so cold!!!") and add more...description? Anything but that. ("I walked over to the fountain and sat down. It was cold.")
5. This One Part That Made Me Really ANGRY...
I've already told you about the Boyfriends #1-7. When they were in the hospital going to heal the fledglings that were hurt by the evil Raven Mockers (Pegasus's....) and Zoey see's Stevie Rae go to her used to be crush when she was a normal fledgling. And then Zoey hopes that Stevie Ray will have multiple boyfriends. WHAT???
She goes on to say how great it would be for her and her BFF to connect some more. Through boyfriends. What i got from this is that Zoey is not upset that she is caught between her love for her boyfriends, she's enjoying it. And she wants Stevie Rae to be the same as her.
I actually like Stevie Rae. Leave her alone. Don't let her 'suffer' like you, Zoey.
She can go have some bonding time with her new best friend, Rephaim the Raven Mocker (pegasus).
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