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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett
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Nov 02, 2007

OK, this was really my favorite book for most of my childhood. I would pretend to read it before I could actually read (I had simply memorized it from hearing it so many times) and I remember feeling sooo guilty about all the praise I got for being such a good reader at such an early age. Man alive! Really, I think my love for this book stemmed from the fact that I was a deprived child. Well, I suppose I was never deprived of health food like oatmeal and tofu, but I only got white bread with sweet (or sugary rather) peanut butter @ friends houses. I'm pretty certain I was only friends with some kids for the access to junk food that visits to the their homes allowed me. That being the case, you can imagine what the prospect of a world where such delights fell from the sky and were all mine for the taking would do to me. My plan was to catch extra portions of the foods I liked and hide them under my bed so that I could have whatever food I wanted whenever I wanted it, and nobody could stop me. Yes, while some kids were dreaming of being astronauts and ballerinas I was dreaming of stockpiling junk food under my bed. Sounds about right.
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