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Too Wicked To Kiss by Erica Ridley
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Jan 18, 10

Read on January 18, 2010

If you would have spoken to me six months ago and asked me to read a historical romance I would have laughed and said…that’s so 10 years ago for me. See, I cut my teeth on Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick and authors of the like when I first started reading romance. I don’t want to say that I outgrew them, just that I had a change of heart. Too Wicked to Kiss brought me back to why I used to love historicals. The meeting of romance, a little magic and a love story all wrapped up in one pretty package. I forgot how much I enjoyed feeling a part of two characters discovering their attraction for each other, falling in love and creating an enthralling love story out of the experience. After being on a steady diet of contemporary and paranormal romances, it was nice to change up the dynamic of the falling in ‘lust’ and then love for the opposite.

Ms. Ridley, exceeded any expectations that I had for this book! If you’ve ever been a fan of Godsford Park then this is the book for you! Although the time periods are different, I loved the similarities of the stuffy sophisticates all coming together to solve the mystery of just who murdered one of their own. Through many twists and turns we begin to see that first impressions can prove to be misleading and to not assume that anyone is innocent! The only hint I can give you is that it was the Colonel Mustard with the rope in the billiard room. (evil laugh ensues)

Evangeline is desperate to escape her stepfather’s evil clutches. She places her life in the hand of her mother’s childhood friend in hopes that she can help her escape. She is unaware of the manipulative tendencies of Lady Stratford until it is too late! Now Evangeline must help Ms. Stratford trap mysterious Lionsheart into marriage with her daughter. Little does Evangeline know that this is no ordinary gentleman but a man with a reputation for murder. She is to spend two weeks trapped in the house of an alleged killer and she has given her word to Lady Stratford that she will help or else. A murder has been committed, all eyes turn immediately to Gavin Lionscroft and given his public displays of temper, it will take a special someone to help prove his innocence. Miss Evangeline Pemberton must use her special powers to unlock just who is the killer.

Evangeline is a character you can really connect with, passionate, caring, you really emphasize with her situation. Running away from her abusive stepfather, only to be mislead by the selfish Lady Stratford,you can’t help but want to read along and see what becomes of Evangeline. Gavin is a character you want to sink your teeth into. Intimidating, closed off, he sees something in Evangeline that the others cannot and she in him. Gavin without Evangeline’s assistance will be blamed for the murder if she doesn’t help him by using her gift. When he finds out that Evangeline is a part of Lady Stratford’s plan he corners Evangeline into helping him find the murder, despite the toll it takes on her. Crushed, Evangeline only wants to leave and get away from people that use her.

This fast-paced, page-turner examines how an error in judgment can lead to cataclysmic events that will posses a person for the rest of their lives. It is in the love and forgiveness of another that maybe we can be good again. That maybe our own sense of failure and guilt can we washed clean just by someone believing in us. For anyone who is looking for a great mystery and poignant love story, this is a story not to be missed. Here’s looking at you kid.

P.S. I loved that we got a little paranormal with Evangeline’s Gift and I liked how intensely I connected with the story but not in a crazy Danielle Steel kind of way.

Rating 4 Smokin’ Smooches
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