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Sands of Time by Sidney Sheldon
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Nov 01, 2007

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Recommended for: people who like romance novels
Read in September, 2007

Recommended to me by a Japanese person studying English, she described Sheldon as an author who was popular in the 70s...which makes sense, since I couldn`t read in the 70s and I`ve never heard of the person before.

With no expectations, I gave the book a try - and it didn`t disappoint, though without expectations, this isn`t too much of a feat. It reads like a romance novel with slightly more substance.

The plot centers around a group of nuns during the Revolution in Spain - three are actually nuns, one is masquerading in the convent to hide from the police. The convent these ladies are living in is attacked by police for supposedly harboring a political activist; the four escape with the convent`s prize treasure: a large, ornate gold cross.

Three out of the four, having lived cloistered for the past ten-twenty-fourty years, are completely helpless out in the wild world, while the Bad Nun plots to steal the cross and run away with the fortune. Then, of course, they are intercepted by the political activist and his merry band of terrorists, and everyone falls in love, gets married, and lives happily ever after.

Well, not quite. The twists sometimes seem like the author is deliberately trying to avoid being cliche - there is the bad-girl-going-good, the orphaned-rich-heiress, the-guilt-stricken-good-girl and so on, so it`s a bit like having four romance novels mashed together. Not all their endings are the ones you`d find on the supermarket rack though, so if you`re looking for something light and fluffy with two cups of sex and a generous spoonful of history, all tied up with a convenient bow at the end, this may be worth checking out.

I wouldn`t spend money on it unless it particularly resonates with you - make a library trip for it, it`s not a long or difficult read.

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