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Jan 19, 2010

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Read from January 17 to 18, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I'm not sure why I didn't like this one as much as I thought I would.

There were several things that happened within it that were hilarious and fantastic.... BUT ... there was a lack of something.

I loved Pam, Bubba, Amnesiac Eric, Creepy Calvin.

There was a lot going on, as always, is the case with Sookie, but I just wasn't really into it. I felt like the story dragged a bit. I wanted more Eric time.

I loved that Eric and Sookie finally got their freak on but.... it just didn't seem as fantastic as I thought it would be (I'm not talking about Eric's prowess between the sheets). It felt like Eric wasn't. He was just a shell of his old self. I missed his innuendos and leering. The amnesiac Eric seemed kind of .... boring. :(

I feel like the "big showdown" with the witches was a let down. It seemed to easy. I'm not sure if I liked the whole Jason thing either. It seemed to be a bit much.

Alcide....... Yeah, don't like him. He is an idiot. I don't understand why Sookie can't see past his visably appealing mass to the dolt he really is.

Bill..... Never liked that asshole. Glad Sookie isn't mooning over him all that much.


I'm really glad to see that Sookie has developed more. She's not so naive anymore and she's starting to form a stronger backbone.

Hopefully the next book will improve... with more pervy Eric!
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The Flooze It's the results of this book that are really fabulous. I mean, imagine normal Eric having to be faced with all the things he's done here?

The more you think about it, the more fun it is to have seen what he would be like with all the ages stripped away. He was still fun and curious and adventurous. It gives you an idea of which aspects of him are truly him and not to be doubted.

And really, I thought the sex scene was still pretty hot.

Regardless though, Sookie feels the same way we all do...that side of Eric was nice and very telling, but the leering Eric is so much more fun and we'd never do without him.


Amelia I think the results from this book will be fracking hilarious! Wait until Eric hears how dependant he was on Sookie! XD She had him whipped.

The Flooze And THAT is when it gets really good. Conflicted Eric is even more fun. And Pam's in it more too. I love her to bits.

Amelia Oh man! I bet Pam is going to let a lot of Eric's actions during his memory blank slip! XD
I love her!

The Flooze She's so gleefully ruthless!

Laura Lulu Like Michelle said, the fun of this book is how it changes things. As Eric starts to find out bits & pieces of what went on--fun stuff.

And yes, Eric was a bit zombieish, but Michelle said exactly what I was going to say--it's a great book because we get to see stripped down Eric, without the years upon years that have sapped his humanity, without all the responsibilities and sheriff bullshit. The Eric who could be happy with Sook.

So now you will read the rest of the books with that in the back of your head. They will all have fun leering Eric in them and you will be yelling at him "Remember, dammit!"

And then when you have finished all the books, you will go back and read this one again and then you will come back here & add a star or 2 to your review.

It is a fine wine book--it just gets better with time. :)

The Flooze A fine wine book. Love that!

Amelia I can't wait for the leering to kick into high gear when he finds out they actually slept together! Oh good lord. It's going to be priceless! XD

Does he remember a bit more as the books go along or is it addressed a lot in only one book in particular? I want to know what kind of wait I'm looking at here. lol

The Flooze For someone who was meh about the book, you seem hyped!

It unfolds as the books go along. You've got just the right period of torture and frustration for Eric. He gets nice and fitful! But all these other crazy things happen too!

Amelia I'm hyped because I see lots of potential in the series. BUT at this point it hasn't "actualized" yet.

The Flooze Well, let's hope Eric lives up to his potential!

Amelia I already know that Eric and Sookie are going to get together in the 10th book. I'm not sure about any of the others..... they better. I don't want to wait that long! lol

The Flooze Oh, no. Plenty, plenty drama before then!

Amelia And Bill better step off. I'm tired of his creepster ass!

The Flooze Lol. He becomes sort of...a glorified bodyguard. He also goes away for a while.

Amelia Thank Zeus!!! I was so sick of that hoe!

The Flooze Yeah, a lot of us feel that way. He comes in handy sometimes though!

Amelia MEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As a bullet blocker? Maid? Doormat?

The Flooze Precisely!

Laura Lulu I think there's 2 different camps of people who read these books--those who read them before the series and those who read them after the series started. I fall into the 2nd, I watched the first 2 episodes, got all the books from the library & didn't watch another episode until I finished all the available books.

So what I have gleaned is the people who read the series first never liked Bill, but those who had Stephen Moyer's Bill in their heads as they read liked Bill. That he brought something cute & charming to Bill that wasn't in the books, and I agree--I loved Bill when I read the books, so I was upset after book 3, I felt Charlaine never gave Bill the opportunity to explain at the end that he had to go when his maker called, she just let him get kicked to the curb and it took me a few books to finally accept that it looked like Bill was out of Sookie's picture. But I understand from reading other's comments that if I had read the books without TV Bill in my head already, I would have never been a big Bill fan, that he was very stiff and personality-less, but I superimposed Stephen Moyer's charming Bill on him and liked him.

I liked book 4 when I read it, but I didn't lurve it until I read the rest of the books--I think it was book 7 (the vamp summit?) that finally had me securely in Camp Eric--and that's when I went back and fully enjoyed book 4.:)

So it kind of bugs me that Charlaine finally got me off Bill angst and securely loving Eric, only to have Bill come back sniffing around proclaiming his undying love from time to time. But I guess you gotta have the triangle-angst. :)

Oh, and let me also add, whether I had read the books or not, I would not be a Bill fan anymore watching the series. He was so sweet & charming in the 1st season, and now I find all interactions between Bill & Sookie vomit-inducing. I know part of it is my Eric love, but I swear it's because Anna & Stephen are together in real life now--it always takes any chemistry away onscreen.

Amelia I watched both seasons of Trueblood before reading the books........ I never liked Bill in either.

He always seemed dry with a hefty tree trunk up his ass to me. In the show and in the books (especially in the books).

The Flooze I read the books first, and was never a Bill fan. In the show, the Super Bill! aspect has annoyed me to no end. I didn't like that they warped events to put him in such a positive light. And don't get me started on his dynamic with Paquin. SHE is worse at it than him, though.

And you're right, Laura. Moyers gave Bill's stiff personality a bit of a shy, sweet aspect. I don't blame people for liking him based on the show alone. He seems rather like a poor tortured soul on True Blood.

I think the vampire summit in All Together Dead and the drama with the Queen before that are what solidified my obsession with the series. Another example of me loving vamp politics.

On the explaining front, Sookie knew he would be compelled to do what his master commanded. I didn't think giving Bill a chance to explain personally would make much difference. Especially considering the trunk incident on top of it all.

Laura Lulu Amelia--you never liked TV Bill, even in the first few episodes? I agree that if I would have watched both seasons before reading the series I wouldn't have loved Bill--this last season was over the top for me in Bill/Sookie cheese, but the first couple episodes had me loving Bill--he was so sweet & tortured.

And I totally agree with you Michelle on them warping events in the show--I don't know if you read what I wrote on one of the true blood threads, but instead of using my brain & coming up with my bitches again, I'm going to go find it & repost it here. :) BRB.

Laura Lulu Here it is :)

I'm worried about this--I have a bad feeling that they might not be following the books in the romance dept.

We all know Eric starts out in the books as an ass, but he totally grows on you. I am hoping the same applies for people watching the show who have not read the books, but since I was an Eric fan from reading the books it's hard for me to watch with an open mind.

But there are a few things that they have added/changed that has me worried about an Eric/Sook future.

1 - Lafayette chained up in the Fangtasia basement. In the books at that point, Lafayette was dead, so I was yelling at the TV "People already don't like Eric--why are you making him even worse than he really is?!?!"

2 - Same idea as above, but when he was all creepy about Arlene's kids--"teacup humans". Yes, it was funny and I was laughing, but again, I already love Eric, but what are the people who haven't read the books thinking of him, that he is fascinated with the idea of feeding off kids?

3 - And last, but most important--Bill getting KIDNAPPED at the end of the last season??? In the books, this was when he was summoned by his maker, and right before he left he was a total ass to Sookie. So instead of being an ass, they have him PROPOSE?

I guess we'll know by the end of the coming season, since it was then end of that book where she broke up with Bill. I'm nervous. :)

Amelia Nope. Never liked him. He always bored me. I agree with your bitching about the show. After I started reading the books I was like...... WTF!?

The Flooze Oddly enough, I don't think the basement dungeon scene is all that out of character for Eric. Or trying to play up his big bad with some kiddies. But, I'm biased, AND a little crazy.


Ugh, the proposal. They decided they wanted a real romance for the purpose of the show, since when you think about it, Bill's a bit of a flash in the pan. I understand wanting to flesh out the relationship a bit, but making him into this lovey dovey tortured I want the best for my Sookie...ludicrous. I was SO irritated when he killed Long Shadow instead of Eric! W.T.F.

I always saw Bill as maintaining a certain aloofness, particularly up until the events in New Orleans, with a glimpse before that at Halleigh's wedding.

Laura Lulu Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Fangtasia basement or teacup humans are out of character for Eric, but I love Eric and can accept him, craziness and all. I'm awesome like that. I was more worried about them giving the general viewing public more reasons to not like Eric, leading to a changing of the books storyline to keep them happy.

And I forgot about Bill killing Long Shadow instead of Eric. Another yelling at the TV moment. That was a big deal in the books, vamps just don't give enough of a shit about humans to step in like that, especially vamps as old as Eric. That was the first time I had an inkling that we may be getting more Bill that we would like.

Yes, in the books Bill always maintained an aloofness, until she kicked him to the curb and then he decides to come on like gangbusters. Too little too late Vampire Bill.

And Halleigh's wedding was just creepy Bill.

The Flooze You ARE awesome like that. Go YOU!

And go me.

We're the bee's knees.

The wedding was creepy. As was always carting that woman to Merlotte's.

Oh, wait. Spoiler dragons.

Laura Lulu Yea! Go me.

I've been trying to stay pre-book 5, but we are heading into Spoilerville if we continue on this track. What can I say, talking about how creepy Bill is, I just lose myself sometimes.

The Flooze You ain't the only one!

Amelia I'll most likely read the 5th book (atleast) in feb.

Bill was creepy from the get go for me, in the books.

It pisses me off that they are making Bill out to be some tragic romantic hero and Eric to be an extreme heartless asshole on the show. HMPF!

Sandra I'm coming late to this conversation but I have to say that I started watching True Blood VERY reluctantly because my favorite vampire TV show of all time, Moonlight, had just been cancelled by CBS. I was teetotally batshit crazy about that show, so I was disgruntled that HBO had a vampire show. Believe you me, compared to Alex O'Loughlin, the star of Moonlight, Stephen Moyers is a total wimp, so I never liked him from the beginning of True Blood. A good friend who is a writer told me the books were much better, but I put off reading them until had a few of them on sale.

I started with #7 because it was on sale first in the list. I didn't read #1 and #2 until later because I had seen the TV show. So I never liked Bill from the beginning. I think he's ugly and wimpy on the show. He's wimpy in the books, too, and definitely has a stick up his ass. And since I've given up watching True Blood, I don't care what they do with the romance, but when they had Eric doing that crap with Lafayette in the basement, I was totally disgusted. Book Eric has too much honor to do something like that.

So I agree with all of you. I'm an Eric girl all the way. Amelia, you have a treat in store. It's like Harris gives just enough Eric contact in each book to keep you going. And it is fascinating to watch the romance between him and the Sook develop. Sigh. I can't wait for #10.

Some people think she goes too far in #10 with some folks who get killed, but I don't agree. I think it adds some depth and sadness that make the books more than just light hearted fantasy, and I like that.

The Flooze At least you now know why we were all pissy about the show! Down with Super Bill!

On an unrelated note, I love Chuck Bartowski.

The Flooze Sandra, I'm glad CH is willing to off some people here and there. It's a dangerous world in the Sookieverse. It's only logical that someone's going to get killed!

Now Amelia can go mad wondering just who CH will get rid of. Muah ha ha ha.

Sandra Michelle M. wrote: "At least you now know why we were all pissy about the show! Down with Super Bill!

On an unrelated note, I love Chuck Bartowski."

Who's Chuck Bartowski? Duh.

message 36: by Amelia (last edited Jan 22, 2010 09:36PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amelia I LOVED Moonlight too! Alex O'Loughlin is a dream of a man! .... so is Chuck Bartowski! ::sigh::

I agree that writers must "kill their darlings". It can't be all rainbows and sunshine in the middle of a supernatural war. Somebody has to die.

Well, I know it won't be Bill since I don't like him and would love for him to be offed. If it's Eric I'm going to quit the series. I mean somebody has to die BUT it can't be her main love interest.... especially if there isn't a triangle going on and if I love him. lol

Sandra Amelia wrote: "I LOVED Moonlight too! Alex O'Loughlin is a dream of a man! .... so is Chuck Bartowski! ::sigh::

I agree that writers must "kill their darlings". It can't be all rainbows and sunshine in the mid..."

Ahhh! A fellow Moonlight lover! You'll just have to keep reading.

Who is Chuck Bartowski???????

Sandra Oh! I googled him. I've never watched Chuck. I gather I've been missing something.

message 39: by Amelia (last edited Jan 22, 2010 10:11PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amelia You've been missing a whole lot of hunky nerd!

I was rididculously pissed about Moonlight getting cancelled! I mean... vamps are the height of "cool/in" right now (the show's content was fantastic!!!!!) ... why the hell would you cancel the show? I thought it recieved great reviews and ratings? Since Moonlight has been cancelled I've seen 2-3 other vamp shows pop up. It irritates me.

I've seen a few episodes here and there but I've never watched the show full time. I'm already behind on everything I watch. lol

Sandra We called it CrapBS, lol. What idiots. I don't watch much TV any more. Too busy reading! Gah!

The Flooze Kill Eric? Never! I'd throw the book out the window!

A whole lotta hunky nerd, lol. Sandra, Chuck is in it's third season. It's silly, but great. And Adam Baldwin of Firefly/Serenity fame is in it! It's about a nerdy computer guy who inadvertently gets implanted with a government supercomputer. They don't know how to get it out of him, so he ends up working with the CIA/NSA as a walking encyclopedia of baddies.

I haven't seen all the episodes of Moonlight, but I think it was just slightly ahead of the curve. Had it started a little later, it could've ridden the waves of the fad.

I don't do much TV-watching either, but my DVR is quickly filling up. Doctor Who, Chuck, Bones, Castle (Nathan Fillion needs to shack up with me, he just does).

Amelia Me too! lol

I never watch aything on actual live tv anymore. I just catch episodes online.

Sandra I LOVED Firefly and absolutely dote on Nathan Fillion. You'll have to fight me for him, Michelle, LOL. And I too have taken to watching TV on my computer. In fact, am going to be canceling my cable and just have internet service. If video sites start charging to watch shows, I'm in. The old broadcast networks are going down the Tubes.

The Flooze I will so take you down for Nathan Fillion. Watch out. I'm scrappy. His leather kilt-wearing self is mine!

My mom met him back in the day when he was on One Life to Live. Too bad I was too young back then to reel him in. Sigh.

Sandra OMG, he was on One Life to Live? He is just too hot. Do you watch Castle? I love that show.

The Flooze He was indeed on One Life to Live. And he was pretty bad from what I recall. He played Joey Buchanan.

I love Castle! Did you see the Halloween episode? He was dressed as Capt Mal and a variation of the Firefly theme song kept playing! I was squeeing like The Only Fangirl that night.

Sandra Yes! I've watched every episode. It's so delightful.

Amelia ...... This firefly business sounds familiar and I know I've heard and seen things for Castle... I just can't recall them at the moment.

Sandra Firefly was a fantastic scifi show written by Joss Whedon that was on Fox and got canceled after only 13 episodes. They did a movie afterward called Serenity to wrap things up. Castle is currently on ABC on Monday nights. It's available online, so you can watch it. It's a very cute show. Nathan Fillion plays a writer of detective stories who gets to tag along while a very attractive police detective, Kate Beckett solves crimes.

message 50: by Melodie (last edited Jan 23, 2010 10:58PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Melodie Another Moonlight fan here, too!! I am STILL pissed at CBS for cancelling it! I do still watch CSI, but we DVR it so I don't watch anything live on CBS. Jason Dohring was a guest star on this week's episode of CSI and my husband couldn't understand why I was squealing "JOSEPH!" in his first scenes. I also LOVE Chuck!! I was so happy when they gave it a third season! And I'm a HUGE Castle fan!! The only thing I had seen Nathan Fillion in before was the last season of Buffy. I even read HEAT WAVE, the Nicki Heat book "written" by Richard Castle. Read just like an episode of the show.

On to DEAD TO THE WORLD, it remains my favorite in the series, so far. I read DEAD UNTIL DARK when it first came out in 2001 and I was instantly hooked. I never liked Bill either. I've always been an Eric girl, and don't see that changing. And I love True Blood. I just separate the show from the books as completely different stories.

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