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A Thousand Lies by D.W. St. John
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Feb 18, 2010

did not like it
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Read in February, 2010

So often as a progressive liberal people tell me that to question my country is to "hate" it. I don't believe that. Knowledge, discourse, and dissent allow a country to become great. I look forward to reading this book which I am being sent as a giveaway on Goodreads.

Now that I have read the books I can say that it was a major disappointment. I would not recommend it to anyone. The author may want to jump up and say "see, I told you so" thinking I wish to allow the lies to continue. However, that is not my reason.

In the introduction the author makes the momentous claim "these are a few of the lies we must believe if America's political system, culture and world dominance is to survive." I found this to be the biggest lie contained within the book.

A Thousand Lies does not contain lies of any great substance. The "lies" contained within the book suffer from being one or many of the following:
1. Unbelievable in the first place - if the lie is not believed by anyone, why is it critical for the survival of America that we all believe it?
2. An unknown, not a lie - "Earth is the Creator's only island of creation". If we all recognize this as an unknown, how can believing it matter to the future of America.
3. Not related specifically to America - "You have heard the greatest music ever written and performed". How is this specifically a belief that impacts the future of American and not other countries?
4. Trite or just plain goofy - "Monkeys consider themselves foolish."
Seriously? This one matters in the long-term survival of America because....?
5. Matters of opinion that can be argued either way - "Jack London's greatest works are his best known".
6. Historical information that is now widely recognized as falacy or is in question.
7. Apparently the author's personal opinion. One related to the theatrical work "The Vagina Monologues" that sounds so totally irrelevant one wonders why it would be included.

I was hoping for some substance when I heard about this this book and found instead a book not worthy of recommendation to anyone. It is not a fun read, it does not spur interesting conversation, it is not controversial, etc. The points contained within do not begin to tackle the truly important concerns of our day and the lies that may actually affect us as Americans. What a shame.
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