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Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick
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Jan 22, 10

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Recommended for: Philip K Dick fans
Read from January 15 to 21, 2010 — I own a copy

Easy read that is not very time consuming. OK, most of the book is an easy read. Some of the philosophical/religious parts are hard for me to follow. I am a Dick fan that is probably missing the finer points of what he is trying to convey. I think he is telling us that we operate on a lot of false perceptions (like Hermes thinking he hates Ann Fisher when he really loves her and he is scared of his feelings for her). I think he is trying to appeal to us that we are all alike (Anarch Peak stating that whites are black and blacks are white). I think he is similarly telling us that we erase the truth (i.e the Library erasing 'expired literature' in the book OR the desire of the Library and Ray Roberts to kill Anarch Peak). He is telling us about alternate perceptions of God, time, and reality (and those are the parts that are hard for me to follow).

Most of this book is an action/drama story and the action is OK to me. Dick's action writing doesn't build much in the way of suspense, but it is simple (too simple perhaps) and keeps the story moving. As most Dick reviewers are saying about Dick's writing as a whole, it seems that Dick is just using the action as a pretense for presenting his 'greater themes' (God, time, reality, etc.).

The whole 'time running backwards thing' is LIMITED (many aspects of the characters lives 'run forward') and it seems more GIMMICKY than anything. Perhaps if I understood more what Dick is saying (about God, time, and reality), the 'time running backwards thing' would mean more to me.

Anarch Peak is a real cool character to me. He is the 'all wise' and truthful character that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the characters. It is cool how he is projected into dreams and visions of the main character of the book. Anarch Peak is similar to Wilbur Mercer of Dick's book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', but Mercer is much more developed in that book. I could have used MORE PEAK in this book.

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