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Hypermobility of Joints by Peter H. Beighton
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message 1: by Lindsay (last edited Apr 17, 2010 09:51AM) (new) - added it

Lindsay Gary,

I'm sorry I missed your comment until now. It used to be notified I was notified of comments by e-mail, but if I was sent anything about this I missed the notification. (It seems there's been at least one other time I found a comment I never saw an e-mail for. Hm.)

Anyhow, with all my blabbering as of late, I suppose there's no need for an explanation on this book, nor a need to tell you not to worry about not being caught up. As always, I look forward to hearing from you, but I certainly don't expect to. I'm certainly not keeping up well. ;) As you pointed out, a new job seems in order, then maybe I'd be back more. It's encouraging that Rodney Grahame (an author of this book and one of the leading HMS experts) writes, "If one only knew one's strength (or lack of it), one should be able, in theory at least, to stay within the safety margin and thereby protect oneself from injury. Up to a point this is so. Many people with the HMS/EDS are able to modify their lifestyle and do just that." The trouble, as you also noted, is getting a job in this economy (plus searching & applying when my arms are having the most issues even now that I've given up trying to take Hebrew when I can't write much). But who knows how the Lord will work all this out! And I will write in fits and starts if nothing else, and thus reply more eventually.

By the way, I am reading Schaeffer's trilogy and it is absolutely fascinating on the shift from belief in objective truth to the slide into existentialism and despair, which started in philosophy and filtered to the masses through other means such as art before infiltrating theology.

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