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The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton
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Aug 12, 2011

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This book was okay. The parts about new biology were interesting, but i just do not feel that the author had a strong enough understanding of the other topics to adequately tie them together. He talked some about quantum mechanics and how it has changed our understanding of reality, but did not make a clear connection between that and what he was saying.
Also, he wrote the book as if to say that his message, that people are largely influenced by their environment and are able to make of it what they wish, is some sort of heresy and paradigm shift.
And yet he is an american! I feel this is the subject of 80% of every american film, book, play etc. this is the driving theme of all of America: You are a product of your environment, and you can become whatever you want if you put your mind to it.
He tried to present the biological basis for this, by showing that cells are not as entirely controlled by dna as had once been thought, which was interesting, and perhaps in the community of cellular biologists is groundbreaking, but when extended by analogy to the terms of every day life, this is a pretty common and well accepted idea, that I don't believe can reasonable be concluded from the cellular biology he presents.
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