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Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
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Jan 14, 2010

really liked it

It is worth noting that opinions of books can be swayed by the things one has read recently, and recently I have read some pretty mediocre romance novels. Reading this reminded me why Judith McNaught is a master of romance and even though from a purely objective standpoint, this is not her best novel, I enjoyed it a great deal.

Judith McNaught gives us characters. The thing that I think some authors miss is the stories are about people. It is particularly mind-boggling that romance authors forget this so often. In this story, we meet Kate and Mitchell, two people with real pasts, real motivations, and real hurts. Though there is inevitably some formula involved in the plot, it is ultimately the characters who create the romance.

***minor spoiler and major rant****

I also just wanted to add that I found it amazingly refreshing that Kate ended up pregnant. I think it's because I've just read about a dozen regency romance novels set in pre-birth control England, in which the heroine amazingly never gets pregnant before she and her intended get together. I think the authors are trying not to make the baby the catalyst and I can respect that, but it's as if they have no understanding of how babies are made. It is another example of the plot driving the stories rather than the characters. Yet in this story, set in modern day America, we get an accidental pregnancy because the heroine doesn't realize a medication she took interfered with the pill. Consequences! I love it. And even though there was a baby, I did not think for a moment that the child was the reason they got together in the end. Granted, this may be harder to pull off in 1800's England where a woman couldn't easily make her own living, but as many romance novels set in this era, including some of McNaught's, demonstrate is that marriage is not the natural climax of a romance novel -- it is the realization that the two are completely and hopelessly in love.

***end minor spoiler and major rant***

Recommended for romance lovers. :=)

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