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Some Things That Meant the World to Me by Joshua Mohr
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Feb 07, 10

it was ok
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Recommended to tee by: Oriana Leckhert
Read in February, 2010 — I own a copy

I wanted to like this book. The concept was something I would like. It was weird, it was well written, it had great prose, the characters were fucked up. And yet, I couldn't get into it. I felt like I was reading somebody's dream - and hearing other people's dreams are boring.

I do understand why it's loved but I don't understand why I didn't love it. Did it try and be too weird? Is the author just too weird? If it's the latter, I'd be a lot easier on the book - I can handle too weird people, I can't handle people who try and write too-weird books. Unless they're a too-weird person writing an autobiography. Not that I'm not flexible. I'm like a gymnast with my reading habits. But it gave me too many what-the-fuck moments. And this is why I stopped doing acid. It probably would have been my favourite book back in the day.

It was certainly well written, sentences such as, "He picked little black smiles out from under his fingernails with a steak knife." Love it! "Clammy humiliation fastened all over me." Even better! The whole thing was written beautifully, it was fast and snappy and there wasn't any bullshit. Well except for all the bullshit, if you know what I mean. No? Nevermind. Never mind me, I'll just go sit in my dumpster with my fists of popcorn and soothe myself with a bag of mouldy orange juice. That I've named.

It's not that I don't even get depersonalisation. I've had depersonalisation. It wasn't anything like this. I think I would have killed myself if it was anything like this. This isn't depersonalisation, this is some dude's bad acid trip and he just never snapped out of it. I think he needs more than Klonopin to sort his shit out.

I didn't feel as if Rhonda was a real person, everything was so far fetched. He seemed to lack emotion. I couldn't get involved. The only person I liked was Old Lady Rhonda and even then, her details were a little vague. It was almost like science fiction, inside somebody's head. And I don't like science fiction, even though I do like being inside people's heads.

It was almost like reading a deranged austistic's dream diary.

And as good as that might sound, well, it didn't win my affections.
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Oriana I don't disagree with you completely, though I did love the book. I guess it turns out that, in addition to having a weirdly high threshold for pretension, I'm pretty forgiving of what-the-fuck-ness too. Hope I haven't lost my recommending cred for you...?

message 2: by tee (new) - rated it 2 stars

tee I think that's what confused me most - although it irked me, I didn't completely hate it. I was in s lot of worlds while reading it; love, hate, feverish annoyance, mild curiosity. It was a whirlwind of emotions and utter confuzzlement. I could have easily rated it a 4 star for various reasons. I'm GLAD I read it. I'd read it again. I dig that it was well written and unique - hell, that deserves at least three stars. Star ratings stress me out, I can't convey my emotions acurately with a number of stars. *hyperventilates*

So no, really excited about reading more of the books you love. I've received them all and they're in a towering, delicious stack beside my bed. I might have to work on my pretention threshold - I think I'd probably enjoy a lot more books if I did. I mean, considering that if I wrote a book, it'd definitely be pretentious and a complete whimsy-fest.

It's so confusing in my head, you see?

Oriana It's so confusing in my head, you see?

Ha! Oh man, I so know what you mean!!

But srsly, it's so rad that you're taking my recommendations, and I freaking love hearing what you think about them.

message 4: by tee (new) - rated it 2 stars

tee I just had the same problem with Shirley Jackson's books! I loved her and she irked me at the same time. I really, really love your review of Raising Demons though - it expressed what I loved her so well. I just find it so much easier to be a negative nancy.

I'm really enjoying reading the books you recommended. I'm about to start 'Vacation'. I'm sure I'll love and hate that too.

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