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Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
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Jan 13, 2010

it was amazing

I am reading the book Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz. I am about half way through the book and am not finished yet but from what I have read it is extremely good. This book relates to a James Bond type of book because Alex Rider is a spy and very good at being one. I think that someone that likes suspenseful action but is not completely realistic would really like this book. Also, it is in a series of eight books so if you like lots of books about a subject you will like the Alex Rider series.
The book is about the main character named Alex Rider, he is a teenager that works for MI6 an English special intelligence agency. While he is on a break with his friend Sabina their cottage gets blown up with Sabina’s dad inside. Later Alex finds out that it was the work of a paid assassin named Yassen Gregorovich. Alex knows about Yassen and has met him before in the earlier books. Empowered with rage, Alex is able to find Yassen’s boat, get on it and then finds his cell phone. He looks at the most recent call received. He remembers it and later calls it on a pay phone. One of the most famous pop stars picks up… Damian Cray. But when Alex tells MI6, they don’t believe him so he doesn’t have any backup. Alex follows Damian into his compound and finds him doing bad things, but then he gets caught.
That’s as far as I have read, stay tuned for the conclusion.

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