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Ex, Why, And Me by Susanna Carr
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Jan 20, 2010

really liked it

This was a very cute book. It was very light, funny, and romantic. The book opens up with glance at 5 years earlier when the main character, Michelle, is finally losing her virginity to her boyfriend that she has been after all summer long. She decides that she wants to lose her virginity to him before she leaves for France for culinary school the next morning. She has been in love with this guy, Ryan, secretly all through high school. While on the cement floor in the back of the bowling alley she is on top of him enjoying herself and then he goes limp. He, obviously embarrassed tries to put the blame on her and succeeds in making her think so.

Fast forward to 5 years later and Michelle is living in Chicago working at a restaurant as a pastry chef. Her best friend who is dating her older brother back home in a little town, begs Michelle to come home and take part in the scavenger hunt at the horseradish festival. She is trying to save the annual festival so she wants Michelle there cause she won the Miss Horseradish 5 years earlier before she left (used the scholarship money for culinary school). Also it doesn't help that Michelle's mom is telling everybody that she is a celebrity chef! Last minute changes happen while her friend was desperately working on angles to get more media coverage for the festival. She comes across some crazy claim that horseradishes are aphrodisiacs so she makes it so that the scavenger hunts have to be romantic couples only. Then almost everybody drops out, and Michelle has to have her brother beg everyone under the age of 45 to be her partner once she gets there. Michelle flies in late the night before the festival starts and immediately heads to the start of the hunt right when she wakes up with no time to find out if she has a partner or not. Oh she has a partner. It's Ryan, the limp dick!

He decided that he wants to apologize to her and spend some time with her. After spending some time with her he decides to not just apologize but show her that his little stage fright was a one time occurrence. The scavenger hunt is an all weekend deal and you have to stay with your partner at all times. At one point Michelle and Ryan even get handcuffed to each other for a night! Lots of funny little parts in this book. Not a book that makes you laugh out loud but a book that makes you smile a lot.
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