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The Whispering Road by Livi Michael
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Jan 13, 10

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this book is about a boy named john and a girl named amber. in the beginning of the book you see Amber getting beaten to death. right after that had happened john told her hat they are about to run away from there masters. after she heals they hop the gate and run off. as they are running they see the master along the way, they were not loud to take the main roads they were only loud to take the black roads. which were dark dirt roads. so the master knew automatically were to go and look for them. but john is smart he takes Amber through the woods and when they hear the master, they get low so no one can see them. once he and his dogs leave the run for florida, because back in the day that was the only safe place to be. they finally make it to the free florida also owned by the spanish in that time, so they sign in get a room and they had 3 babies 3 years later.
i can connect this book to my life because like last year we learned about slavery and we read a book that this girl was trying to get to the spanish lands, also known as Florida.
i give this book 4.5 stars because it was good it kept me hooked and at the end of each chapter i wanted to see what was happening in the next chapter until i was finally done.

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C. D.  Brinker I think you have the wrong book . . . Whispering Road is about a boy named Joe and girl named Annie, set in England, during the 19th century.

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