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Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan
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Jan 13, 10

it was ok
Read in January, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Our hero drifts along rudderless and is sullen and snarly with everyone he asks for help along the way. Kovacs has changed from a mostly uninteresting adolescent wish-fulfillment character into merely an adolescent, in other words, and I get the sense the author didn't realize this is what happened.

He's pursuing a personal vendetta that he doesn't bother giving the reasons for until well into two-thirds of the book have passed, in what was meant to be an emotional reveal but wasn't. Huge chunks of text violate the good-sense rule of "show don't tell" in writing. It took a serious effort of will to continue reading past an early point where he has an AI basically read a wikipedia entry on a historical revolutionary figure THAT HE ALREADY KNOWS ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT. Ahem.

He's allegedly being pursued by a younger instance of himself (digital backups of the mind being the core sci-fi handwavium trappings in the series, remember), but that doesn't really lead anywhere except a final godawful confrontation in which they fight, our hero (of course) wins handily but (of course) decides not to kill him and (of COURSE) someone else kills the alleged nemesis to avoid any moral questions. The only thing to say in that scene's favor is that at least he didn't start to walk away and the defeated foe then produces a weapon leading to our hero spinning around and killing in self-defense.

Also, earlier there's a fight in a rain storm in which our hero ends up dangling helpless over a panther...excuse me, "swamp panther"...pit. This deserves mention because the author actually breaks cliche by having his opponent shoot him in the head as he's helpless.

Ha ha! No, of course that doesn't happen. Instead his opponent monologues a bit and they exchange verbal barbs and Kovacs grabs him as he tries to kick him into the pit (his opponent's gun has fucking evaporated, you can assume) and throws him in instead to be devoured.

You ever yawn so hard you get a spasm in your jaw muscles? Yeah.

Dull, plodding, done. Good riddance.

My advice: Altered Carbon is worth reading for some light popcorn entertainment. Skip both the sequels. If you must skip only one sequel, skip this one.
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