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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
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Oct 30, 2007

it was amazing
Recommended for: people with souls

The crown jewel of the Harry Potter series, "Half-Blood Prince" is one of the finest novels I've read in my lifetime. Having allowed us to watch Harry evolve and mature for so many years, Rowling finally lifts the veil, so to speak, humanizing the larger than life characters of not just Dumbledore and Snape, but significantly and achingly, Tom Riddle. This is love letter to one of the hardest things we all experience: the moment that your idols become your peers, your parents become your friends, and your superiors your equals, when you realize we're all in this together and that it is nobody's job to shelter you, and when, finally, you realize that people are absolutely human.
Rowling's affection for her characters and her sympathy for even the most vile of her creations (the Malfoys and Voldemort himself) are at the heart of Harry Potter's lasting beauty and insight. Here, she explores her three most fascinating creations, and one wishes the story would never end. But it does, and when it does, Harry is faced with the same challenge that Rowling subjects her readers to: how much faith do you really have in what you've been told, and do you believe, at the end of the day, that good really does win out?

A timeles classic. One of my favorites, ever.
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Jessica Wonderful comments!!!!

Micheline Beautifully written review that perfectly describes Half Blood Prince, and the Harry Potter series as a whole!

message 3: by Asher (new)

Asher Woldamlak Even thought this book is good, I do not believe that it is the crown jewel. I believe that the seventh book is the best. In the sixth book Dumbledore left Harry with a quest, and I don't think that that was appropriate. Some people may say that it was a coming of age test, but it was simply too much for a seventeen year old. He had to find all of Voldemort's Horcruxes. We are talking about the Greatest dark wizard in the world, and a seventeen year old must defeat him. I thing that this book is good but I don't think that it was the best one.

Eden Gunther Well I find your review very refreshing to a young readers eye. I also agree that this is one jewel of the collection and it started one of the best adventures of the Harry Potter series. This book shows the things ahead that will be the struggle of Harry and his friends in the next books.

Corazón Rodríguez Soriano amazing. I couldn't have explained it better than you. this is way my favourite hp book because u know there's still a little of humanity in Voldemort's past. it was his decision to go to Hogwarts. wow! this is unbelievable amazing and the finest hp book. Rowling can handle teenage stuff and Voldemort's life and that's a huge achievement

Judy Yes I agree with you this was the best.

Miquel Reina Love your review John!

Olivia VanSteenberg This book is the book that I could not live without!

Wilfred Cooper 'I am not afraid, Harry. I am with you'.

Tom Felton's biggest fan SECRET LANGUAGE

on nom moi escucti hei. dswelementeä olet eve loves snakes julemette pom nop elitugie moto phokinet eret cdrest colemettees.

EVES LANGUAGE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH. (not translated word for word)

hello i live in islandbay. by the ways im eve loves snakes. i love the harry potter series. my favourite character is draco malfoy i love him.

message 12: by jack cornalls (new)

jack cornalls you just carnt stop likin, harry potter BEST BOOK EVER sorry i will carme down know BYBBYBYBYBYBY

Mrs. Ron Weasley This book is amazing! It's astounding! The only thing that would make it better is if DALEKS exterminated Dumbledore!

Mrs. Ron Weasley But seriously, this book is a great Novel and amazaling literature For those who haven't read the 7th book... hate Snape till the end.... or ... not? Lol read & see

message 15: by Dan (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dan D Beautifully said.

Sophia Love the review, beautifully said.

Malorie Glaze I LOVE professor Snape!! but he died in real life he had cancer

Zheng Yang Chun cool omg cool revew

Michelle Pierce dishdgdhsjwhieeeiryuhuhh

Glo H Thank you!!! Your review just gave me hope. My BIL has told me how boring this one was. I'm glad to hear number 6 was the best book in your opinion. I just started it this evening. I'm only on Chapter 3 but I like it so far. Too bad it's 2 am or I would read more.

Karen Stapleton the Harry potter series are One of the best series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

richard homan the Harry Potter series is one of my faves!! love the review

message 23: by Lee (new) - added it

Lee Good my surname is Harry I love my Harry Potter series

message 24: by Lee (new) - added it

Lee Harry potter is James Ratcliff

message 25: by Taj (new)

Taj Shokar Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series. Once again we follow Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they return to Hogwarts. Outside of Hogwarts, the dark forces of Voldemort threaten the safety of the wizarding world. Even with dark forces attempting to take over, normal issues affect the students of Hogwarts. Much to Harry dislike, Professor Snape becomes the defense against the dark arts teacher. A new potions teacher at Hogwarts takes a large interest in Harry’s skills and attempts to get closer to him. Love triangles form as we learn about Hermione’s secret interest in Ron. Dumbledore begins to show Harry his memories of a younger Voldemort so they can start understanding their enemy before the real fight begins. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has the darkest theme in a Harry Potter since the Prisoner of Azkaban. J.K. Rowling once again does a great job of using descriptive language to immerse the readers in her world. This was a great book to read to transition into the end of this series.

message 26: by Greg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Greg Verret Warning: May contain spoilers
Harry enters his sixth year at Hogwarts.
Albus Dumbledore, long standing Headmaster will be giving Harry private lessons this year. Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts is now taking over the Defense against the Dark Arts job, which he has applied for all of the sixteen years he has taught at Hogwarts. Potions are now taught by Horace Slughorn. Dumbledore has many suspections about Lord Voldemort's secrets, and confides the infromation in Harry, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger. Meanwhile, Fred and George Weasly have opened a joke shop in Diagon Alley called "Weaslys' Wizzard Wheezes.
Harry recieves help in Potions from a certian "Half Blood Prince".
Meanwhile Harry's loathing for Draco Malfoy urges him to spy on him and try to get infromation on his Whereabouts. Harry's godfather Sirus Black has recently died and has left Harry everything he owned-including Kreacher, an unwilling-to-accept-Harry-as-his-master houseelf. I really enjoyed reading this book, and i'm sure you will too.

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