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The Spy Who Haunted Me by Simon R. Green
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Sep 12, 10

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bookshelves: london, spies, mystery, adventure, betrayal
Read from September 06 to 11, 2010

The secret Histories #3 starts off a little bit after the Dead Gods War that took place in book #2 of the series. The Drood family is pretty much back to normal, and Edwin Drood (Shaman Bond) is once again a mostly rogue agent for the family, no longer leading the family and pretty much happier that way, but there still is a traitor in the family. The Independent Agent is a spy of nearly mythological proportions, he appears to know everything, has done nearly everything and is apparently dying. His last "wish" is to have 6 of the best agents in the world compete for the ultimate prize - his knowledge, and with it the knowledge of the traitor in the Drood family. Thus pits Shaman/Edwin against 5 other well trained spies/agents - Walker - the enforcer for the Nightside (from the Nightside books); Honey - the CIA agent; Lethal Harmony - the Chinese agent; Peter - a industrial spy, and the Independent Man's grandson; and the Blue Fairy - the halfbreed who stole a torc from the Droods during Daemons are Forever (book #2). There are 5 challenges and only one is to return from them and therefore be the winner not only are they battling the challenge but each other, but in order to get through they have to work with each other. A good book, the challenges are interesting and varied and the plot is complex and convolulted enough to leave you guessing but the posturing of Edwin/Shaman of how the Droods do what they do for the world and not for the petty aims of government gets tiring after a while.

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