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High School Confidential by Jeremy Iversen
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Oct 29, 2007

it was ok
Read in October, 2007

Hmm, not so sure how I felt about this one.

So Jeremy Iverson goes undercover as a senior in an Orange County high school to expose what high school is like these days. Well, actually not really. He really wanted to go because he didn't want to get a normal job after college, but hey, I don't really blame him. And he wanted to experience high school as part of the "me generation" instead of his generation, which was apparently anti-teenager (right in between the John Hughes 80's movies and the me generation, I think). Fair enough. He joins the popular crowd, which I wasn't sure if it was to get a better story (drinking! sex!), or if he never experienced being popular so thought he would give it a go this time around.

Some parts were really amusing. Some parts were so dead on, omg, this was my high school. Some of it...eh, I really wondered if he was exaggerating. I spent most of the time wondering if this was actually the truth, or if he wrote a piece of fiction and framed it as the truth to make it a more interesting story. (That probably doesn't make sense, but I'm thinking of The Princess Bride by William Goldman, how Goldman was acting as if he was abridging a tale by S. Morgenstern. I love Goldman, though, I'm unsure of my feelings for Iverson.)

Also, could we have a better conclusion to the story? What happened to Thea? Did any of these people go to college and graduate? Do any of them have a brain? And also, I really must know if any of the teachers were fired after this book came out, no matter how much he tried to conceal their identities. This book is why we need to pay our teachers more. So quality people step forth and lead our youngsters, instead of subpar idiots.

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