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The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck
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Jan 07, 10

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Read in January, 2010

Ethan Allen Hawley was from a long line of Hawleys living in a small seaside town where they had once owned a whole block, now his father having lost the grocery store, the last property besides the family house, he is the sole clerk in the store. Ethan is a proud man and an honest man but he is beset by temptations and his family is looking for an improvement in income. He realizes that his boss and the important townspeople have grown used to looking the other way and scratching each others backs in their daily business dealings and some of them try to draw Ethan into that way of life. He resists, but beset complaints form his wife and kids about their station in the town, he plots to make a change in his fortune and to upset certain plans of the prominent leaders. Things are moving well until fate intervenes and Ethan is successful in part of his planning but torn about other happenings. Not a bad book although not particularly my chosen style and type of story.
ISBN - 9780434740130, Fiction, Pages - 366, Print Size - R, Rating - 3.5
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