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Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep
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Spider's Bite is pretty good, it stuttered in a few places especially in the first half but it got better. I initially thought Gin was a very hard woman but then you begin to witness her emotions, that she can feel hurt and is still vulnerable despite the bulletproof ultra tough exterior. Plus, she has morals, rules she's not willing to break. Her targets are rarely saints and she doesn't touch kids or animals (pets). She's also very protective of those she cares about, only a handful of people.

There was some repetition, mostly eye colour but I saw it as symbolic. Gin's grey eyes are jaded they say she's death, cold and calculating whereas Caine's gold ones are full of life, passion and dare I say purity?

I all ready want to step in and referee the relationship between Gin and Caine. They need to spill their guts to each other: Gin about Caine's dead partner and the morality in her profession and Caine needs to loosen up a bit and encourage Gin to spew.

I saw the ending coming a mile away, no body = not dead in my book, I like definitive proof. It was implied that Mab is responsible which is understandable since Mab is the big bad, a mob boss sort of character and unofficial mayor of the town. Gin has that huge file on her for a time when she is able to take her out so I guess she'll be using that soon. I'll definitely be reading the sequel, Web of Lies when it comes out next month.

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