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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
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Jan 06, 2010

it was ok
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Read in October, 2009

Shiver I did not.

Oh, another alluring, romantic-sounding novel about the relationship of a school girl and the wolf that has always protected her. Sounds soo good to all us teen girls and older women who loved Twilight. And yet, the equation is this: Appealing storyline + a gorgeous, mysterious cover = disappointed reader.

To be frank, reading Shiver was like labor outside on a hot day, with beads of sweat stinging my eyes, and a strong urge to just give up and quit. I was oh-so bored, suffering from can't-help-but-be-spacey-itis, a condition in which you simply can't focus on a shredded storyline, thus unable to become absorbed. I mean, I laid down Shiver at least a thousand of times to watch TV. I’d stare at the same page for 5 minutes, spacing out over trivial things such as what I’d buy when I went out. I like to be interested in what I’m reading and Maggie lacked the skill of capturing my attention.

As for this author Maggie, I can say she was a stingy girl when it came to sharing details. Scenes and events were impossible to mentally act out and understand. Does she not know readers like to be absorbed in what they read? I don’t want to be told how the characters felt or what they did. I want to be along for the ride. I bet she wasn't beloved in kindergarten show and tell; she was a true believer of telling, not showing what was happening.

Blah. Did I mention the werewolf love interest?? I wasn’t no fan of Jacob, but Sam made him look like the coolest, most interesting, masculine thing out there. Sam was no guy I'd ever want to dream about or wish upon the stars to meet in my real life. He talked like an old lady, not a hunky 17, 18, 19 year old guy I'd want to know. Heck, I once thought Grace and her mother were chitchatting about the weather when I mistakenly realized it was actually good ole' Sam, not her mother, she was talking to. *wrinkles nose* Ick.

The author didn’t invest much time in the dialog of any of the characters. They all lacked personality. They all talked the same. They all were all faceless. I mean, we did have the photographer best bud Olivia and the other best friend, obnoxious whatever-her-name-was, but they were so boring and difficult to picture! And, reading about them was like listening to someone drone on in on in monotone about something you don't give a flying fig about. Maggie should have sat in the mall food court for 5 minutes to get the sense of how teens act and talk among their peers. It would have added a realistic sense to Shiver.

Fine. I'll quit ripping this book to pieces. I'll drudge up a good thing or two, I guess. I liked how the temperature forced the change of human to wolf. *sits for forty minutes and wracks brain for another good thing. is stumped*
Whelp, that's it.

*sighs at the money that could have been spent on a cute top or earrings or something*
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Lauren I agree. I'm in the middle of this one at the moment was was really looking forward to it because of all the good reviews, one of which was from one of my all-time favourite authors. I'm finding it very basic. I was told it had beautiful language! All I'm noticing is that the author pulls out a big word from her thesaurus every now and then... nice big words, some of my favourite big words... but they stand alone and look foreign in midst of more simple text.

Wicked Incognito Now I only made it about 70 pages through this. I heard SO MUCH hype about this novel, and it was just bo-ring. I like subtle, but yeesh. Plot much?

message 3: by Aly (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aly i loved it but i guess everyone has an opinion

chucklesthescot Excellent review. I couldn't agree more!

message 5: by Aly (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aly I personely agree that the author had picked out random words out
of a thesaurus there would be just one world in the middle of a plain sentence. I still loved the book as there is a very few amount of books that I don't like and stop reading half way.

message 6: by Toni (new) - rated it 1 star

Toni I totally agree. I am so bored and want to give up also....

message 7: by Erin (new)

Erin I read the first couple chapters of this book, but it seemed like another sappy paranormal romance. I plan to read it all one day...What is up with books lately? They are all paranormal romance with the same plots! Nice review, by the way.

Chrissie I only made it about 30 pages, and didnt care for the back/forth/back forth between them. lame.

Redwolf Do any of you have an imagination. good books allow you to make something out of them. But you have to have the ability to do so.

message 10: by Avy (new) - rated it 1 star

Avy Archer I did sound good and I think in the hands of another author it would have made a great story but this author is just so terrible at writing that it made the story unbearable

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