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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward
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Jan 05, 2010

really liked it
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Read from June 30 to July 09, 2010

Ok, I really enjoy this series, so I am a little biased about it and rate higher than it might deserve. I think its a solid 3.5 actually.

The story continues from when Xhex is captured and abused by Lash and JM is mourning her disappearance. Then there is the additional gay angst from Blay and Quinn (I love those males - not for me, of course, but the idea of them). We already know that Xhex and JM have feelings for each other, its just that Xhex seemed determined to keep them apart. Well, with the cupid intervention of Lash, Xhex and JM realize what they have. Of course, there is the abuse and history that we have to slush through.

Considering the characters, John Matthew and Xhex, i was expecting a lot. I did get a lot, but Lash is significantly distasteful. I really did not like the plotline with him and it grew especially tedious by the end. He was such an dumba$$ since the beginning, that it was difficult to respect him as a villain.

I did enjoy the Blay and Quinn connection (or lack there of). It was nice to see Quinn suffering for a change, and Blay getting himself laid. Now, Layla, I just feel bad for, and I want good things to happen to her.

The biggest problem with this book is that things were already figured out for the pair, so there was just a lot of build up for the other characters. We get a plethora of them, such as Layla, No'One (that was a real shocker), Payne, Muhrder (actually, I don't know where the 'h' goes in this one, but I did figure this one out), and the new Forelesser guy (ok, obviously he doesn't get his own HEA, but he is a new effective Lesser).

Overall, it was kinda nice to read, if you are already pulled into the series. JM is one of the most constant characters in the series, so it is a necessary read. I just wish that things about his weird dual aura thing made more sense. I don't like being so confused about him.
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J.R. Ward
“In a quiet voice, he said, "How long's this been going on for you? With her."

John took out a small pad he'd brought with him and wrote: Since the moment I first met her.

After Rehv read the scribble, he frowned. "She feel the same way?"

John did not drop his eyes as he shook his head. No sense hiding shit. Not with a symphath.

Rehv nodded once. "That's so like her. Goddamn it...okay, let's do this.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

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Laura the Highland Hussy I like your review! You brought up some points I wish I had :)
I think the lessers are so lame that it's nice to see so many of them come into play possibly giving us a quality enemy.
Lash is an idiot. Oh wait-fidiot ;) lol
But it was cool to see him make his own lesser. Even if he did kill her

Nisha Thanks, I know it kinda goes against the general BDB fan reviews and all, but i just had to be honest. I agree, I really want the Lessers to be really worthy of being the BDB's enemy. And only now, they seem to be shaping up.

Lash *shakes head* is not worthy to be a Lesser, but he was a pretty crazy villain for Xhex and JM - since its a more of a long-term, personal-type hate. When he's shows a mediocre amount of competence, like producing a female lesser, I did enjoy it better.

Laura the Highland Hussy I think that Lash hit the nail on the head with the making money through selling drugs. He might have done it for selfish reasons, but he's right-they need money to be in a better position to fight the Brothers, and with him having been in the training center, he should have all kinds of inside info. I jsut keep waiting for them to become worthy of a good fight.

Nisha true, true. *nods sagely in agreement

Laura the Highland Hussy Lol. Ahh yes the wisdom of the Highland Hussy is known far and wide (lol)

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