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Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt
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Jan 05, 2010

it was amazing
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Recommended to Shawna by: Rane Aria
Recommended for: Fans of dark, emotional, steamy historical romances & tortured gamma heroes
Read on September 19, 2010

5 stars – Historical Romance

Wow! This is the first book I’ve read by popular author Elizabeth Hoyt, and I certainly understand now why she’s so highly rated. Wicked Intentions, the first book in her new Maiden Lane series, is a dark, gritty, eerie, emotional, unique, and erotic murder mystery and romance with a bold, honest social commentary of class differences, poverty, and the rough, violent world of St. Giles in London.

The main characters, widowed child foundling home caregiver Temperance Dews and mysterious Lazarus Huntingon, Lord Caire, who’s famous for his deviant sexual proclivities and disdain of the aristocracy, were fascinating. Their chemistry and connection was beguiling, believable, and sensual, and I simply couldn’t get enough of them together. And the sex scenes?! HOLY cow!! I had to turn down my A/C! But what was even more compelling about the love scenes was how integral they were to the characters emotional growth and the way they were weaved so perfectly within the foundation of the story.

There were several interesting secondary characters as well, so there seems to be intriguing possibilities for future books in the series. Just who is the Ghost of St. Giles? Will we see more of Charming Mickey? What does the future hold for Silence and William, or possibly even Silence and Charming Mickey, perhaps? I for one can’t wait to find out! I just wish I didn’t have to wait until Feb’2011 for Notorious Pleasures to come out! 5 stars!

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Great review, Shawna! I'm reading my first Elizabeth Hoyt book, The Raven Prince and I'm really enjoying it!

Lisa Great review :) I really enjoyed this one as well even though it was a bit darker. I def can not wait for more of this series and the siblings! I would love to know where and why Hoyt chose all their names.

Ally72 Yah! You read your first Elizabeth Hoyt book! I am so happy you liked this one and we won't have to wait so long for the next one in the series. I emailed Ms. Hoyt and asked her about Silence because I was hoping we wouldn't be left wondering what was going to happen to her. She told me she is writing her book now. Hooray!!! Shawna, you are in for such a treat with the rest of the books she has written...I have loved every one up to this point.

♥ Beth Awesome review Shawna! I've read and really loved all of her previous books and this one is waiting on my nightstand to start very soon! I love Hoyt's writing style and her love scenes are smok'n!

Shawna Thanks, ladies! I definitely plan to read more of Hoyt's books. I'm planning to read The Raven Prince soon.

I'm so glad to hear that Hoyt is writing a story for Silence. Will hers be book three Scandalous Desires I wonder?

Ally72 Shawna...Silence's book will be "Scandalous Desires"...I can't wait!!! I am thinking we are going to see Charming Mickey again in it. I wasn't a fan of her husband in the story.

Linds The Raven Prince is great - and the Serpant Prince is pretty good. This is going on my to read list. :)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Shawna, or anyone, is this an open ended series? Or will it be a trilogy to be released one after another within a few months?

message 9: by Ally72 (last edited Sep 19, 2010 07:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ally72 Dhestiny...I haven't heard if it is a trilogy or not...I am thinking it will be more than three books with the way many of the character's storylines were left open-ended (I am thinking Lord Caire's friend who had the ill wife and Temperance's brother will get future stories too). I don't know and am just guessing (and hoping it will be more than three books).

message 10: by Rane (last edited Sep 19, 2010 07:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rane UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~* wrote: "Shawna, or anyone, is this an open ended series? Or will it be a trilogy to be released one after another within a few months?"

It's going to be an open ended series for far I think there will be five(or four) books in the series - setting about the same months that her four soldiers series came out (ex: feb then oct/nov)

message 11: by May (new) - added it

May I'd like Charming Mickey + Silence. I SO hope for that. (What a way to meet, yeah?!) I really loved some of E.Hoyt's previous books so while this one overall left me unable to rate it (I didn't feel like any story line got completed) I look forward to the next.

message 12: by Rane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rane Great Review Shawna! I loved WI and it restored my love for EH's writing (after TDAD bummer) I can't wait for NP!!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you for the information, Ally and Rane!

Angelc Great review, Shawna! You are so right about the social commentary. And Hoyt didn't gloss over any of the gritty details of St. Giles.

message 15: by Vivianne (new)

Vivianne After your review I just have to run out and buy this book ...

Shawna Thanks, ladies!

I'm really glad to hear that it's open ended 'cause I see potential for several of the characters to get their own stories. I can't wait for Notorious Pleasures...February is too far away!

*****Possible spoilers*****

I wasn't too crazy with Silence's husband, William, especially how he reacted and treated her after the incident/scandal.

Call me crazy, but I can actually imagine her being paired with Charming Mickey. That is if Hoyt can redeem him like Lisa Kleypas managed to do with Sebastian St. Vincent in the Wallflowers series.

Kathy Oh, I didn't like Silence's husband either. I can't wait for the next book too!!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I'm only now starting Hoyt's Princes trilogy. I haven't read Four Soldiers yet. Can this series be read before the others?

Ally72 Dhestiny...The Princes trilogy and the Four Soliders books are not connected. Is that what you meant? I am having a hard time writing coherent sentences at this point of the day. LOL!

Shawna and Kathy...As I mentioned, I wasn't a fan of Silence's husband either. I totally think she and Charming Mickey might be a couple. Of course, EH is going to have to majorly redeem him for me.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish You know how LK writes series, but the last book of 1 leads to another? That's what I mean, Ally.

Shawna -Dhestiny, I haven't read her Princes or Four Soldier's series, but I think the Maiden Lane series is a completely unrelated/new series from those.

Someone who's read those series, please correct me if I'm wrong about that. :)

-Kathy and Ally, EH does have her work cut out for her in redeeming Charming Mickey if he's to be a romantic hero, or William too for that matter if she goes that route, but you just never know.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you, Shawna!

Ally72 Dhestiny...I told you I wasn't making any sense right now! Shawna is right...The Princes and Four Solider's series are unrelated to each other and the the Maiden Lane books. It is unlike LK's Wallflower series that leads into the Hathaway books.

Shawna LOL, Ally! I'm having a case of the Mondays too, so you aren't alone my friend. :)

Ladiibbug Nice review, Shawna :-) I didn't know EH had a new series out - it sounds great!

All 3 books in the Princes Trilogy were 5 star reads for me, just the Best of the Best! Here's the order:

I tried #1 her Four Soldiers series but set it aside for another time. Compared to the Princes books ... but that's not fair. The Four Soliders is probably a very good series -- but the Princes Trilogy are among the best books I've ever read! It did cause other perfectly enjoyable h/r's to pale in comparison for awhile.

Ally72 Thanks Shawna...I am glad that I am not the only one having one of those days!

message 27: by Rane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rane Shawna wrote: "-Dhestiny, I haven't read her Princes or Four Soldier's series, but I think the Maiden Lane series is a completely unrelated/new series from those.

Someone who's read those series, please correc..."

You are correct the Prince Series, The Four Soldier's and now the Maiden Lane series (nothing connects either of them) oddly enough in time wise the Maiden Lane series is set before the other two series.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you, ladies!

Shawna Thanks, Ladiibbug! I've been planning to read her Princes Trilogy for a while, but now I'm really looking forward to them after getting a taste of Hoyt's writing style.

Thanks for confirming that, Rane!

message 30: by Ragus (new) - added it

Ragus Wonderful review, Shawna! The story sounds great! I have not read Ms Hoyt's work, although I know she is one of the more popular HR authors. Can you compare her style to LK, or Stephanie Laurens, or Lisa Valdez, or Featherstone?

Thanks, my dear! :D

Shawna Thanks, Ragus! I can't speak for her other series, but this was definitely as steamy as Lisa Kleypas and a bit darker than a typical wallpaper historical with a bit of a gothic feel. Maybe not quite as angsty as Charlotte Featherstone, but definitely emotional. I think you'd like it. :)

message 32: by Ragus (new) - added it

Ragus Thank you, Shawna, for the comparisons! I usually like the type of books you read anyway, and I think I'll add this series to my "pile"! :D

Shawna It was a great surprise for me, Ragus! I'm looking forward to reading more of Hoyt's books. I hope you enjoy this if/when you read it! Cheers! :)

Shawna It's a great read, Elizabeth. I loved the writing so much that I soon devoured Elizabeth Hoyt's entire backlist. I can't wait for Scandalous Desires to come out!

KatLynne An absolute fabulous review Shawna! I loved most everything about this book:-)

message 36: by Shawna (last edited Nov 05, 2011 02:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shawna Thanks, KatLynne! This is the book that made me an Elizabeth Hoyt fan, and I immediately devoured her entire backlist.

And I love this series, especially Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane #3) by Elizabeth Hoyt!

KatLynne I wanted to skip right over NP and start Scandalous Desires...but decided to stay the course. I'm liking NP and can't wait to start Scandalous Desires.

Ronyell Awesome review Shawna! I'm also excited to see where this series goes next!

Shawna Thanks, Ronyell! This is one of the absolute best HR series, ever! You've got lots of wonderful reads ahead!

Ronyell Shawna wrote: "Thanks, Ronyell! This is one of the absolute best HR series, ever! You've got lots of wonderful reads ahead!"

Awesome! I can't wait!!!

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