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Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 04, 2010

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My New Year's Resolution (if you can call it that, more of an intention) was to write something about every book I read this year, even if it is only a few lines.

SHades of Midnight is the 7th book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series. In this installment, new recruit Kade gets sent home to the Alskan wilderness to investigate a series of grisly attacks.

During the course of his investigation he meets Alexandra, a plucky bush pilot, who also happens to be a Breedmate, that 'speshul' type of woman who can bear his male children.....

I enjoyed this installment of the series. The furthering of the overacring storyline, the remote Alaskan setting made a nice change from Boston, some new intersing plot devlopments.

But there were a lot of niggles for me. Niggles I only realised I had after I finished the book. Niggle one. The main characters. I didn't feel as if I knew them at all. The felt extremely disposable. Usually the romatic leads are intergal to thier storyline. Their 'speshul' talents are the ones that are specifically needed to resolve the storyline. This was not the case in this book. You rarely saw Alex's gift and Kade's was wrapped up in this unsatisfying B storyline/charcater conflict point. It could have been anyone at all in the lead roles. Rio and Dylan, Lucan and Gabrielle....

Niggle two. Alaska. Yes, I get that during the winter there is only three hours of sunshine a day, what a playground for the Breed. But what do they do during the summer?? When there is only three hours of Darkness? Do they migrate for the summer? Hibernate? What? No mention was every made and it really started to bug me.

Niggle three. The repetitivness of Breed confict. In every book the male is like 'oh I'm not good enough' and 'I can't get close cause I don't want to pull you into my dangerous, dangerous world..' It's getting a bit old.

That aside, like I said, I did enjoy this book and if you are a fan of the series, it is a strong episode. If you're looking for scorching, all-consuming romance, this isn't the series for you I'm afriad. If you're looking for some nicely paced action with a fresh new take on vampire mythology with a bit of romance thrown in, then you're in luck. This is the series for you.

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