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Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Oct 17, 2010

liked it
bookshelves: smut, fantasy-urban
Read from October 03 to 16, 2010 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** I always enjoy Lara Adrians books and this was no exception. I did, however, only give it a three stars simply because I was so disappointed in the mystery of this book.

To explain, we meet the main character, Jenna, in the previous book, Shades of Midnight after she has been attacked and tortured by the one surviving Ancient. We begin Taken By Midnight when Jenna wakes up in a medical room at the Breed compound. Keeping away her panic is her best freind, Alex (from Shades of Midnight). Although Jenna has faced many tragedies in her life, she finds the strange world of the Breed and the peice of alien biotech now within her to be the things that just might break her. As we learn throughout the story Jenna has lost of her husband and child in a car crash, she left her job as an Alaskan State Trooper. The one person, besides Alex, that might be a beacon to hold tight to is Brock. One of the Breed warriors who's gift (from his mother) is to take away pain. Brock was the one who helped numb the pain from the Ancient's torture and get her to the compound in order to help her. He is also the one who steps up to help her when Gideon tells her about the changes the biotech is making to her body.

When we learn that the little peice of biotech that the Ancient put inside Jenne is changing her faster than Gideon can run the test, I thought it was a brilliant twist. No longer purely human, but still not one of the fabled Breedmates, Jenna seems to be stuck in limbo. The changes are giving her abilities that no human should have. Even to the point where dermaglyphs are begining to spread out from the place of incision and insertion of the biotech. However wonderful and intriguing I found this to be by the end of the book, we still no nothing more about her changes than we did at the begining. I found that to be immensely frustrating, thus the low rating.

However, the interaction between Brock and Jenna was alway intense and realistic. Brock was broken from an unrequited love that was doomed and Jenna wasn't suppose to be more than a distraction. Jenna was broken by the loss of her family, but Brock made her feel like the woman she wanted to be. It was a great bit of interaction.

The other saving grace to this book is the strength of the Breedmates. We get to see more of them and how they help the warriors in their fight against Dragos. It is the women who carry out the mission of trying to locate more of the captive breedmates. We learn how their abilities play on each other to the benefit of all.

I did enjoy this book, I just wish it had more....well, just more.

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