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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
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Jan 04, 10

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2010 — I own a copy

Unabashedly the best of the series. Although it had lengthy gaps in action or meaty information, the dialogue and characters, as usual, were fun, witty and entertaining. The resolution of the saga was satisfying, and most importantly, did not feel like a cop out. I was expecting more character's to die in the end, and would have liked a more detailed description of the final battle (We really only get it from Simon's point of view for about 4 pages). But, all-in-all, it does the series justice and ends on a really upbeat note.

Looking back, i tried to remember why i stopped reading the first around the 80 page mark, and i just remember feeling as if Clary was a whiny heroine with no real personality, Jace an arrogant douche bag, essentially, the only character i really connected to was Simon. But all the characters, even side characters, grow so much throughout the three books. I was completely wrong in my assessments so early in the series, as i should have been.

Let's just say I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. Because Jace and Clary's relationship is the most well thought out, thrilling, and heartbreaking all-at-once romance i've ever read about. Even though I haven't read many romances, i think that's saying something.
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Tori Dude, last paragraph, totally. And there's a fourth one coming out. You'll like it, it's supposed to be in Simon's pov.

Mitchel Broussard yeah i saw that, but March 2011!? WTF is that??

Tori I know right? Come on! I want it like now. And she's doing another series based on this one. I'm a little bit ridiculously excited for it. She started writing that before the 4th book though, so that's probably what's with the WTF date. I think I need to re-read this series. I forgot how much I loved it.

Mitchel Broussard yeah "The Infernal Devices?" i think its cool how itll be set in victorian england

Tori Yeah. I usually don't like older settings, but I think I'll like it with all the other stuff. I cannot friggin wait for another part of this.

Mitchel Broussard yeah its gonna be sweet. oh and i have some questions. #1) who was on the cover of City of Glass? #2) Was the city of bones and city of ashes the same place? oh and #3) how exactly did simon become able to be in daylight?

Tori Hmm... I knew at one point. I read it in her blog. 1st is Jace, 2nd is Clary, and I think the 3rd is Clary's real brother. Whatever his name was. Sebastian? Or was that who he pretended to be? And yeah, I think so. Pretty sure they refer to the same place. Idk. And he can go in the sun because on the boat he drank some of Jace's blood, and since Jace is all angelic and whatnot Simon is a magic vampire now. :D I'm gonna go re-read them now. You're making me think about them too much.

Mitchel Broussard haha, sorry. well Simon said to everyone that it wasn't Jace's blood b/c if it was then vampires would be all over Shadowhunters, and instead it was something Valentine did to him. but all i know he did was slit his throat and drain his blood, so i guess Simon was lying just to protect the Shadowhunters?

and yeah i was thinking Alec or Sebastian on the cover. sebastian was her brother, Jonathan, yeah. but he has like these wing things on the cover so i was like, hmmm what does that mean.

i kinda wish she woulda named the 2nd something to do with something else. like i think that was the one they go to the Faerie realm and the Seelie court, she hcould have done something with that.

Mitchel Broussard yeah that Sebastian thing makes sense, with the wings and all. i agree about City of Ashes though, i just kept thinking it was a huge missed opportunity not using the Faery Realm somehow. like something to do with forests and trees or underground, idk.

and yeah i was so sad when he died, like basically ALL the main characters survive and she goes and kills of the innocent kid! very sad

message 10: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Yeah, I agree.

YES! That is the only thing that ticked me off. I was like, WTFFFFF? Not cool. Not. Cool. I mean, wasn't there some way to get out of that? I don't know, make the poor kid seem like hero and save his sister since they were always telling him he was too little? Idk. Idk. I just didn't like that. I mean, the book fuckin rocked, but... why him?


Mitchel Broussard crap i accidentally deleted your other comment thinking i was deleting mine, my bad.

and yeah i think she may have done that so we hated Sebastian. well that and him calling Clary a bitch like 4 times, but yeah. thats the only thing i can see. and i loved how Alec finally came out by full on making out with Magnus in the end.

oh that reminds me, i know Magnus was like 800 years old or whatever, but what age did he stop aging at? like was he supposed to be older like Luke or younger like Alec and all them?

message 12: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Heh, whatev.

I thought was the only one who completely loved that! I was like yeah! Embrace it! And get over Jace because he's with Clary now!! Plus everyone just going was pretty sweet.

I don't really know, I think he looked older than the kids, but not like reallly old. But he's a warlock or whatev, so you probably can't tell how old he looks. I really don't know, I've never met one. :)


Mitchel Broussard haha yeah i guess. in my mind i kinda just pictured him as 25ish for some reason.

sorry for the barrage of questions, but thanks! oh and i found this on YouTube:

woop woop:D

message 14: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori FUCK. YES. OMG! That is so awesome! I still can't wait for Percy Jackson, which is so close now omg, but this is just epic! I hope it doesn't suck. And no problem, I love chatting about books. You should know that. :)

Mitchel Broussard haha, yeah and the rumor is this dude Alex Pettyfer is gonna be Jace. just google him and he seems like a pretty good match, as much as my heterosexual self can admit it, lawl.

and yesss Percy Jackson will be soo undoubtedly amazing. really hope it does well and all the sequels are made.

and did you see the movie for The Series Of Unfortunate Events? (i loooved it btw) well i read online that they want to do a sequel but since its been about 6 yrs and all, they wanna do it in stop-motion like Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas cuz the kids are too old, but they can still voice em i guess. i am all up for that

message 16: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Oh.. mmmmm. Yeah he looks great. I think if they did use him he's be perfect. Plus he's hot. You can let out your inner homosexual if you want. I don't mind, in fact, I'll drool with you if you want. :) I'm so suped for this movie!!!!! omg!

Me too! I can't wait for it! I'm going the first night!!!

Yeah, I remember that. Wasn't it like the first 3 books in one? But that would be really cool if they made more like that. I only read the first book. oops.

Hey, completely random question, what classes did you take your senior year? I just had to fill out my schedule and I'm soooo lost. I'm also freaking out about college and since you fit the bill, I thought I'd bother you. I seriously don't know what to do and I get really frustrated over this shit. I hate school.


Mitchel Broussard haha, yeah he fits exactly what i imagined Jace to be, so i think he'd be a great fit. i just dont want someone annoying.

and yeah it was the first 3 books, i read all 13 and i really really hope they make em all stop motion.

but lets see, senior year:
1)yearbook II
3)world history
4)advanced math/trig

so you're a junior right now going to be a senior in the fall? and yeah the most annoying thing about college is how everyone is like "are you ready?" "omg you must be so excited" "are you nervous"

its like get off my back and how about i graduate high school first, mkay? i really tried not to think about it too much, it drives you crazy

message 18: by Tori (last edited Jan 05, 2010 05:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Well, he is supposed to be annoying. And maybe I should read the rest of the series. I think the stop motion would be cool.

Yeah, I'm a junior. Fuckin sucks. Wow. Yeah, I need to figure out what the hell I want. We don't have yearbook. And I already took world history. I need english 4, and I'm taking trig/analytic geometry, and then I'm like... Blank. I have no idea what I want to do with my life so what college do i want to go to? Idk. And then I have the stupid fucking senior project AND my mom is like, "you really need to get a job." Really? I hate school. I'm REALLY thinking I might do my senior year at CCRI so I can skip senior project, but I don't know if I have a high enough gpa. But I'd miss my friends and that would mean starting college at 16.. Kinda weird.

And yeah, like no I'm not excited. Having the fucking rug pulled out from under me is not cool. I had a huge discussion about this in dance today b/c I was freaking out. I think I've already gone crazy.

BTW, I'm staying up all night to finish a health project on bipolar that was due the 18th. fml. I HATE SCHOOL.

ps. I like your new pics. :) Thanks for answering this crap too. I'm a bit crazy rn.


message 19: by Mitchel (last edited Jan 05, 2010 05:53PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mitchel Broussard yeah i guess so, i just want the movie to be good i guess. not lame and cheesy.

but everyone at my high school is talking about senior projects too, i never had to do one so i guess they started without me. ive no clue what that is, so what do you have to do?

oh and thanks about the pics!

message 20: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Basically it's hell disguised as school work. Being the class of 2011, we have to upload, over the course of our 4 year high school career, 3 PROFICIENT ( this is a very important word to them) assignments from each year of english, 3 from math, 3 from science, 2 from ss, and 4 self selected. They also need to have a reflection. My new enemy. Reflections. THEY FUCKING SUCK. I'VE WRITTEN ENOUGH THANKS. Seriously! And then all the other classes after us have it worse. And then EVERY FUCKING THING I UPLOADED FROM FRESHMAN YEAR WAS DELETED. And they can't get it back. FUCK YOU. (Not you, them.) On top of that, senior year we need to do a project. Wherein we do some shit about "expanding our learning in a new field." Writing a huge fuckin 10 page report on it, making a "Product" and then presenting it in front of a group of judges. You also need to somehow find a "mentor" to help you with it. Well, hell. I don't know, I have school, and they have jobs. When are we supposed to fucking meet up?

AND IF YOU FAIL IT, YOU DON'T PASS HIGH SCHOOL. Of course they had to start it now, when I need to graduate. I seriously will have (another) mental breakdown soon.

Welcome. :D


message 21: by Mitchel (last edited Jan 05, 2010 07:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mitchel Broussard oh. my. god. that sounds like the most complicated piece of bullshit homework assignment i have ever heard of. and presenting in front of judges?! noohoo thank you, sir.

i feel so so so sorry for you. the hardest thing about my senior year was deciding whether to take 5 or 7 classes. and well, what idiot lazy senior would take 7?

message 22: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori IYeah, it is! Most of the teachers don't even know what's going on! And the lady in charge quit last summer so we have some new chick and god only knows if she has her thumbs up her ass. It's pretty much the bane of my existance. I am dreading it. I don't even know what to do it on yet! Ugh. Somehow I have to fit a thesis into that report too. And I'm like, yeah. Okay. Shove it up your ass. Plus, I'm not good in front of people. I wonder if I pass out in front of them if they'll just pass me and let me go. They can't make me do it if I'm in the hospital.

You got a choice?! We HAVE to take 7 classes a year. More if they're half credits. And we don't even get a free period!! I fucking hate my school. All the other schools in the fucking state get a free period. And we can't leave at lunch! Which I just don't like. Oh, and the nurse is evil. I think kids these days are put under way too much pressure. Maybe I could do my senior project on that. Soon we'll all be dropping like flies from heart attacks. I'm ranting. Sorry. And I gave up on my health project. I saidfuck it my iPod loves me more. It's true. Andrew mcmahon loves me.

So, how's college goin for ya?


Mitchel Broussard yeah we only had to take 5, but i think they're changing it for the new classes.

college is meh. ive always been one to bitch about everything, but since im "supposedly" taking classes for my major, i feel like i should be enjoying them... which im not.

message 24: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Wow. Whatev. I still hate my school. And we're doing another common task and reflection in math tomorrow. Fuckin A.

Yeah, doesn't sound fun. What's your major?


Mitchel Broussard was veterinary, history and now computer science

message 26: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori That's kind of a big change. Computer science sounds cool though.I think you told me this before. I still have no idea what i'm gonna do.

message 27: by Kyla (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kyla Manning I can also confidently say that the Mortal Instrument series is one of the best I've ever read, and I'm not shy to reading in anyway. I agree that it did have many lengthy gaps in action, but it's expected. Clare's books are extraordinarily long and include many different plot directions and many different stories. I actually love the way she switches points of views between characters and the way she leaves us with plot twists from out of nowhere

Ironically, I thought the complete opposite of your assessment about the first novel, City of Bones. I thought that Clary was a extremely believable in her situation. I mean, how are you expected to react to the news of being not human and having your mother kidnapped by demons sent by your evil father. She was confused and stupid and a plot hindrance most of the time, but understandably so.

I thought Jace was one of the coolest characters that has ever existed. He was fearless and strong. I instantly felt myself drawn to his story. I wanted to know why he was the way he was, albeit the way he was wasn't very nice.

The thing that drew me in the most was the love story between Clary and Jace. They were enchanting in their immediate chemistry that lasted despite the news of them being related. In the City of Glass, that chemistry lasted until the huge moment where it was revealed that they weren't related. I felt Clary's relief at not being in love with her brother and horror as she realized that Jace may die without knowing that they could have a chance.

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