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The Three Theban Plays by Sophocles
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Jan 04, 2010


Your Name: Jessica Ciaccia
Date: January 4, 2010

Main Characters in the Text (if there are multiple works within one text, name the work, followed by the characters):
Oedipus the King:

Genre of the work (play, novel, poem, etc.): play and tragedy

Setting: Thebes

Action of the work or the sequence of events (if there are multiple works within one text, name the work and only include the most important events):

Oedipus the King:
Oedipus tries to escape his fate.Creon finds out that the reason Thebes is cursed is because of Laius's death.Oedipus searches for the killer of Laius and decrees that the murderer will be killed or banished. Oedipus finds out he is the murderer and also that Jocasta is his mother.Jocasta hangs herself.Oedipus blinds himself at the sight of Jocasta and because he is ashamed.

Eteocles and Polynices, the brothers of Antigone and Ismene, kill each other in battle. Creon decrees that Polynices is not to be buried because he fought against his city. Antigone wants to bury him but Ismene says that she shouldn't. Against the proclimation, Antigone buries her brother and Creon finds out. She is sentenced to die alone in a tomb where her fiance (Creon's son Haemon) finds her and commits suicide at the sight of her dead body.

-Hamartia: error in judgement that can lead to death, tragic flaw
-Hubris: arrogance or excessive pride
-Dramatic Irony: when the audience knows something the characters do not

-Blindness vs. Sight
-Darkness vs. Light

Overaching idea of the the essay you completed on this work:
My essay is about the idea of Blindness vs. Sight and the effect this symbol has on Oedipus the King.

Personal feelings/understanding of the text (what did you like/dislike? Why?):
Both plays were very interesting and I liked how both plots tie into each other. While they were both well written, they were slightly difficult to understand without reading the legend that came before it. Antigone was easier to understand after having read Oedipus the King. The characters were also well rounded and go through changes that keep the reader/audience guessing.

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