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Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter
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Jan 03, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy, fiction, shifters, sci-fi-fantasy-romance
Read in January, 2010

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this book is nipples.

The story itself held promise, I like superpowers, romance, sex and adventure. I just wish that it all came together much better than it did. I do. It's just...well...ok. I'll just come out and say it - Belle was annoying. She was whiny, jealous, flaky and at times quite bitchy. There were instances of her 'softer' side but for the most part she was someone I would have ignored if I had met because I knew that we would come to blows. Which is odd to say and I don't mean that I would actually fight this fictional character but I would very much steer clear of her.

Belle is thrust into a situation in which she suddenly has control of the four elements. Oops. Suddenly she gets sick, is hunted and the sexy and dangerous PSI agent Rome is at the foot of her bed talking about neutralizing her. From the get-go she is attracted to him even though her body has gone through the ringer trying to adjust or die with the formula that was slipped in her drink. Talk about a hell of a mickey.

So, Belle tries to slip her leash when Rome vows to protect her and ends up landing herself in slightly hotter water by bringing an innocent into it. The rest of the book is about her learning to trust Rome, herself (when it comes to her powers) and her inordinate amount of time noticing how hard her nipples are when Rome looks at her. Or how her nipples can be seen through her shirt when she's cold or how her nipples feel against Rome's nipples.

Too much nipple! It's nipple porn!


Rome, Tanner and Lexi - the supporting character and the hero - are the most interesting characters in this story. Belle, with her nipple preoccupation and her insane attraction to Rome, her selfishness and her temper are only slightly mollified by her bravery and her compassion.

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01/04/2010 "Belle can by mighty grating and it's only page 26"
01/05/2010 "Enough with the nipples!" 2 comments
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Shannon (formerly The Holy Terror) A 2 huh? You're just giving me more reason not to bother with her books. The only one I read by her, part of the Atlantis series, is one of the few that I gave 1 star to. I just don't see how she's so popular.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon Shannon wrote: "A 2 huh? You're just giving me more reason not to bother with her books. The only one I read by her, part of the Atlantis series, is one of the few that I gave 1 star to. I just don't see how she's..."

I rarely ever give 2s but...ugh. I started laughing at certain parts. I don't think I can see the word Nipples again without laughing.

message 4: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze Ohhhh, she's horrendous.

At least all Shannon had to deal with lately was a tea overload. I wouldn't want to be faced with a nipple O.D.

message 5: by Inara (new)

Inara The only book I ever read by Gena Showalter was The Nymph King and - I´m sorry, but I HAD to give this book a one star rating..
Now I´m a bit reluctant to read any of her other books although many people seem to enjoy reading them. Maybe I will give her Lords of the Underworld series a try, "Playing with Fire" is out of the question now ;D

message 6: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze I read LotU. It was worth about a 2.5. She attempted to throw some mythology in there, but never did much of anything with it. That irks me.

message 7: by Inara (new)

Inara 2.5 is still better than 1 star..lol! I´m still very undecided about LotU and if these books are written in the same style as The Nymph King I think I´ll pass..

Shannon (formerly The Holy Terror) So apparently, nipples are a recurring theme in Showalter's books. What a strange thing to fixate on.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon oh no!!! no more nipples!!!!!

Sandpiper LOL...Nipples!!! Excellent review.

Ashley Your review cracked me up I will be sure to gloss over any pages of the book that mention N.I.P.P.L.E.S

message 12: by Cintia (new)

Cintia your review is so funny! I enjoyed reading it.

Sandra It's just a cheesy bodice ripper, but as always, not her fault because she can't resist the chemistry/hormones. I don't know whether to yawn or yack.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon You can always try yawcking. It made lead to choking, so I suggest you have an person who can drive you to the nearest ER. But that's what happens when bad books happen to good people.

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