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The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
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Okay, okay, okay. Four stars.

See, I enjoy these books while reading them, and its not until afterwards that I realize their faults. I get sucked into the easy writing and run-and-hide plot. Its certainly a good way to spend a few hours.

This series could have been one book, because really, the plot of these books is pretty much running, hiding, moments of sexual tension, and the occasional revelation. Take a cheese grater to this series, and you might just have one excellent YA paranormal.

If you asked me to pick out one standout moment in this book, I couldn't tell ya. Everything just kind of blurs...

So, although this book is plenty repetitive, it still gets four stars. I had a fun time reading it, and as far as YA paranormals go, it could have been worse. There is nothing offensive about it, as far as I can tell, and the characters act like teenagers, albeit wholesome ones.

Four stars. And that goes for the entire series, not just for this particular book.
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message 1: by Vinaya (new)

Vinaya If there's one thing I've heard practically every reviewer say about this series, it's that it ought to be one book, but has been cut up into three! It's like Unearthly, where practically every reviewer says they were wary of picking it up after the terrible experience of Hush Hush & Co, only to end up falling in love with it halfway through! :)

Lucy I just tore through all three of these in a few days. It was a great reading experience because I had all three of them in front of me. If I had to wait a year between each my review wouldn't have been as happy faced.

Morgan F Eh. I was in no rush to read this book. For some series, I clobber at the gates for the next installment. I just happened upon this one in the library. "Hmmm, have I read this one yet?" *reads summary* "I'm not sure.....but I'll check it out anyway."

Milly Glad you ended up liking it Morg! I enjoyed reading this one!

Jeen22 i agree me it was a five star though.i agree that it was a me especially at the did not end well.of course that is my opinion.

Ellie "Albeit wholesome ones." AHHAHAHAH!!!!!

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