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Sea Change by James Powlik
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Jan 03, 2010

liked it

I still can't decide:
Was this one "Sea Change" inspired by "Der Schwarm" from Schätzing - or, more likely, was the "Schwarm" inspired by this one.
They're just TOO similar.
It's not as bombastic. You could say: It's the Swarm without tsunamis and a bit more well-grounded biology.
The characters are as cheesy as Schätzings but thankfuly it's a good deal shorter and therefore cut out most of that greasy pathos, that Schätzing has quite overdone.
Additionally, Powlik is an actual biologist (maritime biologist at that) and not an advertiser like Schätzing (or me. *g*). That just might be the reason for the better book (this one) not being as successful as "The Swarm" by far. *g*

A nice re-read, on the whole, when you re-read all those hundreds of other books on the shelf. ;)

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