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Animal Attraction by Charlene Teglia
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Jan 02, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: erotica
Read in January, 2010

Like Dana who has found her beloved genre, I think I have found my genre of fiction... Werewolf Erotica!!

If you like orgies this book is for you!

This is my first Romance/Erotica novel and I must say it will probably not be my last!

This book is about Chandra, a young woman searching for who she is and where she comes from (she's adopted and never knew her birth parents)! She then meets these two HOT strangers who seem to rescue her everytime she gets in trouble. It turns out they are werewolves and she is a rare lady-werewolf from the same pack!!! Now this is where it gets hot (and makes me giggle!). Chandra, who is a day away from transforming into a werewolf must find her mate and name him King of the pack by having sex with ALL 11 men (giggle)!!!! Let the orgies begin!!!! Not only is having sex with every man in the pack a way of finding a mate/King werewolf but also because of her werewolf transformation she is in CRAZY heat, like will go insane if someone doesn't "give it to her" and only her werewolf brethren can satisfy her needs (giggle)!!! So she has crazy sex with all 11 men but there are 2 who she just can't get enough of, Zach and David, the 2 strangers from before. So now she must choose between Zach, the alpha/leader wolf or David who she loves but doesn't want to be the leader of the pack.

Oh yeah, then there is a battle between the werewolves and the panthers (yes, panthers!)...and then there are rogue werewolves that want to take over power and want Chandra to name one of them King...and then Chandra discovers she's pregnant with another man's child...and then ((SPOILER!!!)) the panthers and wolves call a truce but the rogue wolves attack and are defeated!!

AND then more orgies!!!

Overall, this book was RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME and I can't wait for her next romance that comes out in Feb. 15 "Bride of Fire" about Hades and Persephone!!! Not werewolves but I'm willing to expand my literary horizons!
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message 1: by Susie (new)

Susie Haha, I can't believe that you're actually reading this. You crack me up, dude.

Kathy Don't act like you're not going to borrow it!! ; )

message 3: by karen (new)

karen you are absurd. this might be my new favorite review. i kind of want to get a giant tattoo of any of the scenes you described.

message 4: by Dana (new)

Dana I'm so happy for you!

Kathy Just found out the sequel "Red Queen" comes out in March!!! Karen, just letting you know, I'll be shortlisting it ;D

message 6: by karen (new)

karen oh, of course.

dana - i keep forgetting to tell you and this is as good a place as any - those "mind fuck" books i read are 50% - but somewhere on the 2nd floor. not the first one, but the subsequent 4. i try to find tomorrow.

message 7: by Courtney (new)

Courtney It can go on the romance table. :P

Kathy I think I should create a werewolf erotica table!!! Then I can put out the "Wolf Tales" saga!!!

message 9: by Dana (new)

Dana karen wrote:
"dana - i keep forgetting to tell you and this is as good a place as any - those "mind fuck" books i read are 50% - but somewhere on the 2nd floor. not the first one, but the subsequ..."

ooh! maybe i should go ahead and borrow the first one from you then.....

message 10: by karen (new)

karen only if you promise to review it!

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